From the time I was old enough to hold a screwdriver I was taking things apart. I always wanted to know how things worked, and eventually, why they didn't work.

At the age of 16 I was very fortunate to have been offered a job at Delta Controls in my native Surrey, BC, Canada. During my four years with the manufacturing division I held various positions, with tasks ranging from PCBA fault-finding and troubleshooting, to operating SMT assembly equipment, to test fixture design and maintenance.

In the fall of 2010 I relocated to Kelowna, BC, where I completed my Diploma in Electronic Engineering Technology at Okanagan College. Despite the natural natural beauty of the Okanagan valley I moved back to the lower mainland after graduation and re-joined Delta Controls, starting as a Quality Assurance Hardware Analyst and eventually moved on to become the department manager.

Outside of work I enjoy practising my French, getting some fresh air in the great outdoors, and tinkering with various electronics projects (notably home automation).

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Over the past fifteen years I've accumulated a considerable amount of hands-on experience in the following areas:

Field Service and Repair

Having managed field service and repair projects in France and the US, I enjoy travelling to other parts of the world to help customers solve challenges.

Field Service Project in Saint-Nazaire, France

SMT and Through-Hole Soldering and Rework

Having learned to solder by age 10, I am comfortable with both through-hole and SMT assembly and rework.

EMC Testing and Compliance

Having overseen CE and FCC compliance testing for dozens of projects I have working knowledge of IEC immunity and emissions standards.

Electronic Product Design Verification and Validation

Some of the specific technologies and test methods I have worked with include:

  • USB - Low, full, and high-speed host and device pre-compliance tesing

  • CAN bus

  • RS485

  • Embedded Linux

  • RTOS-based MCU systems

  • Graphic TFT and segmented LCD displays

  • Temperature, humidity, passive infrared (PIR), differential air pressure, and CO2 sensor testing and validation

  • Vibration and shock testing

  • Variable Frequency Drives

  • SMI (Standard Motor Interface)

  • NFC (Near-Field Communication)

  • DALI (Digitally-Addressable Lighting Interface)

  • Ethernet and WiFi functional testing

  • Hi-Pot / electrical isolation testing

  • Capacitive touch overlay performance testing

  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) - Powered Device (PD) testing

  • Thermal imaging systems

  • Color measurement (spetrophotometers)

  • Barcode scanning systems

CNC milling and Rapid Prototyping

Since purchasing my first mini-mill in college I have designed and produced hundreds of parts on my X6-1500 and Roland MDX-40A CNC routers.

SolidWorks Modelling and FDM-based 3D printing

Over the years I have owned several 3D printers and have designed over 300 jigs, fixtures, and adapters for various applications.

PCB Layout & Design

While I would not consider advanced PCB layout to be one of my core competencies, I am comfortable producing single and double-sided designs of simple to medium complexity.