Somfy SDN and RTS BACnet Integration

Those who are familiar with Somfy may already know that their motors are available in various configurations, both with respect to the types of shades they can drive, but also in terms of the control schemes they are compatible with. Different families of motors offer different options, but the Sonesse 30 motors commonly used for indoor roller shades were available with SDN (Somfy Digital Network), RTS, or dry-contact inputs.

Delta Controls (my employer) does have a software gateway that allows Somfy SDN (Somfy Digital Network) motors to be hooked directly to one of the RS485 ports on the controller. Unfortunately, the outdoor shade on the balcony was only available with an RTS motor, which isn't presently supported by Delta's Somfy gateway, however by adding a Somfy URTS II, I was still able to tie the RTS shades into the automation system.

Left-to-right: 24VDC power supply, DSM-RTR controller, wiring board, and Somfy URTS-II

Somfy SDN wiring in the attic