The Outdoor Misadventures of Tman
(They're not supposed to be misadventures, but always turn out that way)

Tman is Todd McMahon of Madison, Wisconsin. This website chronicles Tman's Backpacking and Hiking Trips. Todd's Email Address is isawtman@gmail.com
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Sorry, I have not fixed the links yet on this website.  I have fixed the links on both my NCT in Minnesota and Ice Age Trail Websites.  Some links on this website may still work
Pattison State Park to Gordon Dam
Pattison State Park to Gordon Dam Side Trail Video  Click Here
Pattison State Park - South to Hwy A & Jackson Box Road Click Here

Hwy A & Jackson Box Road to West Mail Road Trailhead
Click Here
West Mail Road Trailhead to the Gordon Dam Side Trail Click Here

NCT Tour of Copper Falls State Park

Park Entrance Station to the Pavillion Click Here
The Pavillion to the Backpacking Campsite Click Here
Backpacking Campsite to Peter's Driveway Click Here
New - Peter's Driveway to Stricker Road  Click Here

Continental Divide Trail

Berthoud Pass to Bill Moore Lake Road Click Here
Bill Moore Lake Road to Rainbow Road Click Here
Rainbow Road to almost James Peak  Click Here
James Peak successful summit from St Mary's Glacier Click Here

Jay Cooke State Park to Pattison State Park

Youtube Video: Click Here
SHT - Jay Cooke Swinging Bridge to Wild Valley Road  Click Here
Wild Valley Road to MacQuarrie - West Entrance  Click Here
MacQuarrie Wetlands - West to East  Click Here
MacQuarrie - East to Pattison State Park - North  Click Here
Pattison State Park - North to South   Click Here
Pattison State Park - South to the Black River (Hwy 35) Click Here

June 2016 Heritage Chapter Work Weekend  Click Here

Canoecopia 2016  for photos Click Here

Handouts from Presentations 
From my speaking engagements at Midwest Mountaineering Expo
Ice Age Trail Basics Click Here
More Cool Campsites on the NCT and IAT Click Here
For my original Cool Campsites handout from 2013 Click Here

Video of Reroute Gap Completion
Tman completes a 150 mile hike in Ely, Minnesota  Click Here

North Central Minnesota:  Remer to Ely

Remer to Grand Rapids   Click Here
Mesabi Trail - Grand Rapids to Taconite (Coleraine and Bovey)  Click Here
Mesabi Trail - Taconite to Nashwauk  (Marble and Calument)  Click Here
Mesabi Trail - Nashwauk to Hibbing (Keewatin, Kelly Lake) Click Here
Mesabi Trail - Hibbing to Kinney Trailhead (Chisholm and Buhl)  Click Here
Mesabi Trail - Kinney Trailhead to Virginia (Mountain Iron) Click Here
Mesabi Trail - Virginia to McKinley Trailhead (Gilbert) Click Here
Mesabi Trail - McKinley to Hwy 135  (Biwabik and Giant Ridge) Click Here
Hwy 135 Roadwalk to Tower  Click Here
Mesabi Trail - Tower, Soudan and Lake Vermillion Segments  Click Here
Roadwalk West of Ely Click Here
Mesabi Trail thru Ely  Click Here

Ashland County Fair: North Country Trail Booth and Ashland County Board Horseshoe Competition  Click Here

July 4th Weekend on the Superior Hiking Trail
Castle Danger Road to Fors Road, Click Here
Lake County Demonstration Forest to Rossini Road  Click Here
Rossini Road to Fox Farm Road Click Here
Fox Farm Road to the Sucker River Trailhead Click Here
Sucker River Trailhead to Normanna Road Click Here
Normanna Road to Lismore Road Click Here
Lismore Road to Martin Road  Click Here

Two New Walking Maps for the NCT in Ashland & Iron Counties
Copper Falls including new 5 mile section  Click Here
Wren Falls to Upson Lake Click Here

More Cool Campsites handout  I now have made available my latest Cool Campsite Handout from my presentation this last April at Midwest Mountaineering Expo: For the handout : Click Here  
For my original handout from 2013 Click Here

May 2015 Heritage Chapter Work Weekend
For photos Click Here

4th of July Weekend Duluth Hike Photos
With Jared Wildenradt and Will Luedtke
Martin Road to Duluth Lift Bridge  Click Here
Duluth Lift Bridge to Getchall/Highland  Click Here
Getchall/Highland to Spirit Mountain Click Here
Spirit Mountain to Ely's Peak  Click Here
Ely's Peak to Jay Cooke State Park  Click Here

June 2014 Heritage Chapter Work Weekend  Click Here

2013 Heritage Chapter Work Weekends
November: Take Back the Bridge  Click Here
October: Backpacking because of the Government Shutdown  Click Here
September: Working in Copper Falls State Park and accessing the Flood Damage Click Here
June: Building new  Trail in Copper Falls State Park  Click Here
May: 5 new interns join the Heritage Chapter Click Here

Tman's North County Trail Videos
Take Back the Bridge Event, Nov 2013 Click Here
Mike Stafford and the interns at Foster Falls Oct 2013 Click Here
Foster Falls: A NCT Future Destination, Oct 2013  Click Here
Rovers Crew Boardwalk in
                                    Copper Falls State Park
Oct 2013 Click Here
Heritage Chapter Work Crew Sept 2013  Click Here
NCT Trail Bridge taken 50 yards downstream Sept 2013 Click Here
Tom Moberg talks about the NCT and
                                    Fort Abercrombie
June 2013 Click Here
Tman Crosses over the Red River into North Dakota
                                                                 June 2013  Click Here
Tman in the Wind June 2013 Click Here
Tman meets Mr Beaver June 2013 Click Here

Canoecopia 2014 Photos Click Here

Western Minnesota NCT Hike
Over 90 miles from Green Water Lake SNA to Fort Abercrombie State Park  For Photos Click Here
Western Minnesota Quick Tour: Click Here

Spring Outdoor Adventure Expo
"The Coolest Backcountry Campsites on the North Country Trail in Minnesota" was very well attended at the Midwest Mountaineering Outdoor Adventure Expo. Thank you Midwest Mountaineering for putting on such a wonderful event

April 2013 Expo Photos Click Here
November 2012 Expo Photos Click here
For the Coolest Campsites Class Handout Click Here
For the Cheesehead Special and Tman's Backpacking Tips Handout Click Here

Canoecopia Photos Photos from the North Country Trail Booth and our Friends at the World's Largest Paddlesports show. For Photos Click Here

SUPERIOR HIKING TRAIL Lutsen to Tettegouche State Park 
For Photos and Trip Reports Click Here
Find out Who Saw Tman on his 2012 Early May SHT Hike Click Here

Border Route Hiking Strategies
I received a request to share my Border Route knowledge and what to watch out for.  Here it isClick Here

New!! Superior Hiking Trail - South From Tettegouche State Park to Castle Danger, then from Fors Rd to the Lake County Demonstration Forest. The Encampment Section was closed.  
For Photos Click Here

2012 Heritage Chapter Weekends

Nov 2012 Heritage Chapter Work Weekend,
For Photos Click Here
Oct 2012 Heritage Chapter Work Weekend, For Photos Click Here
Mellen Trail Town Celebration and Sept 2012 Heritage Chapter Work Week End, For Photos Click Here
July 2012 Heritage Chapter Work Weekend, For Photos Click Here
June 2012 Heritage Chapter Work Weekend, For Photos Click Here
The Copper Falls Loop, For Photos Click Here

Old Plank Road Trail photos on my Bicycling Website Click Here

First 26 "Reroute Reasons of the Week" Posted
To Read them all  Click Here

North Central Minnesota NCT Hike  
I recently hiked from the Woodtick Trail, South of Walker, MN to Greenwater Lake State Natural Area near Ponsford, MN.  That's something like 88 miles of hiking on the North Country National Scenic Trail. Please Remember that I hiked the trail in Late May/Early June and the Trail is not mowed yet. The Trail is typically mowed in Mid-June   For Photos  Click Here

Who Saw Tman on his North Central MN NCT Hike  
Click Here

Other Odds and Ends from the Hike
Itasca Moraine Chapter Waboose Lake Work day  Click Here
The 1.5 mile Nelson Lake Loop near LaPorte, MN  Click Here
Sailor Lake, Out and Back hike near Remer, MN  Click Here

Border Route Article on MidwestWeekends.com

Wow, An Article that I helped write is now on Midwestweekends.com
The article was originally going to be a magazine article, but Beth Gauper did an excellent job revamping it for her website.  Thank You Beth!!!!  To see the article Click Here
To See More Photos of the Border Route Trail, and my Trip Reports, check out the right column of this website

New Bicycling Website
I have created a brand new website called "Tman's Bicycle Trails" which now features bike hikes that I have done on the Military Ridge Trail, Root River Trail and White River Trail.  For the Website  Click Here


The North Country Trail Booth at Canoecopia and My Presentation called "Backpacking through the Boundary Waters and were a Big Success!!  Thank you to all the booth volunteers
For Photos  Click Here  Photos by Phil Nimps and Todd McMahon
For the Backpacking Through the Boundary Waters Handout
Click Here
For the All of Wisconsin NCT Brochure!!! Click Here

The Year in Review
A review of the Accomplishments, Controversies and Misadventures of 2011.   Click Here

 NCTA Booth at the Fall Outdoor Adventure Expo  I traveled up to Minneapolis for the Midwest Mountaineering Outdoor Adventure Expo where I helped out at the NCTA/Kek/BRT Booth. I also attended several presentations including the "Superior Hiking Trail, Almost Done" Class where Kim Fishburn received the NCTA Honor Award, For Photos Click Here

NCT Heritage Chapter Work Weekend, October 7 - 9, 2011
I traveled to Copper Falls State Park near Mellen, Wisconsin to participate in building the Trail.  We built about 1 1/2 miles of new trail in the new section of the park.  This is part of the North Country Trail  route that will connect Copper Falls State Park with the Iron County Forest.  For Photos  Click Here

Joan Young Interview
My interview with the First Woman to completely hike the North Country Trail.  See what the "Queen of the NCT" has to say,  Click here

Superior Hiking Trail
Trip Reports and Photos

I have completed all my Trip Reports for my Late May/Early June Northern Superior Hiking Trail Hike.  The reports cover from Otter Lake Road to Grand Marais.  It is over 60 type written pages in my usual long-winded style.  But the trip reports are broken down into reports for each Day.  Over 2000 photos of the hike are posted, too

Who saw Tman on his 2011 Arrowhead Hike  Click Here

Grand Portage National Monument Photos
For Photos of the National Monument Heritage Center, Grand Portage Depot and Mt Rose Hike Click Here
For the full Grand Portage Trail Photos Click Here
For Partridge Falls and the Old Border Route Exploration Photos Click Here

NCTA Spring 2011 Outdoor Adventure Expo
I traveled up to Minneapolis for the Outdoor Adventure Expo on April 15 & 17.  I attended several classes including a Gear Clinic by Andrew Skurka and the "192 Miles of Hiking/Backpacking Trails in the BWCAW" by Matt Davis.  While in town we visited the Minneapolis Sculpture Park and I helped out a little bit at the NCT Booth. 
For Photos  Click Here
For a written version of Matt Davis's Class  Click Here

Snowbank Loop Wiki
I've been working on a Wikipedia contribution for the Snowbank Lake Loop Trail. The Trail shares the Kekekabic Trail for 6 miles, but has another 15.75 miles of trail around Snowbank Lake.  It has been posted on the BWCAwiki.  To see it  Click Here
Canoecopia Class and Booth a Hit!
My Class "Backpacking Through the Boundary Waters" at Canoecopia on Saturday, March 12, 2011 is tied for the best attended class. For the handout of the class   Click Here
Photos of the North Country Trail Booth and the Class  Click Here       

Chippewa National Forest Hike
I do a series of Day Hikes on the North Country Trail in North Central Minnesota.  I hike over 50 miles and took over 2000 photos.  For Trip Report and Photos   Click Here

Who Saw Tman on his Chippewa National Forest Hike?

Connecting with The Trail Connectors
On Saturday Night October 23, I attended the Combined "End of Season" Dinner of the Istasca Moraine and Laurentian Lakes Chapters of the NCT.  It was great attending their dinner.  For Photo Page  Click Here

Border Route Trail Completed
In May I completed the Eastern 40 miles of the Border Route Trail. I have taken lots of photographs, so now the Border Route is completely Photographed.  For Trip Reports and Photos  
Click Here

Who Saw Tman on his Border Route Hike? Click Here

The Trail Crew Experience
We had a great trail crew working on the BRT East of Stairway Falls. For Trip Reports and Photos  Click Here

Ice Age Trail Day Hikes
I'm doing a series of Ice Age Trail Day Hikes to get me ready for my May Minnesota Arrowhead Thru Hike. These Day Hikes include the Table Bluff Segment and the Brooklyn Wildlife Area Segment. To see my Trip Reports and Photos  Click Here

Southern Michigan Trip
I went hiking in Southern Michigan starting on Tuesday, December 29, 2009 and ending on New Year's Day 2010.  Some of the places I hiked were the Kellogg Biological Station, the Kellogg Experimental Forest, Augusta, Fort Custer Cemetery, Baw Beese Recreational Trail, Lost Nation State Game Area, Lickly Corners, Waldron, Battle Creek Linear Park, Downtown Battle Creek and Verona Park. For the Trip Report and Photo Galleries... 
Click Here

Who Saw Tman on his Southern Michigan Trip?

 Minnesota Arrowhead Trip 
I went on a backpacking trip in Northern Minnesota starting on May 22 and ending June 3, 2009. I did all of the Kekekabic Trail and parts of the Border Route Trail and Superior Hiking Trail.  For the Trip Report and Photo Galleries  CLICK HERE

Who Saw Tman on his Minnesota Trip? CLICK HERE

For Todd McMahon's Facebook Page  Click Here

Maxim Mine Page Click Here

Tman's new NCT in Minnesota Website
Photos from his Minnesota hikes  Click Here

Tman's Ice Age Trail Website
I now have all 1100 miles photographed  Click Here

I Support the North Country Trail Arrowhead Reroute Bill
New!! Check out the New Arrowhead Reroute Facebook page to get the latest updates. Plus I help out with the page by writing the "Reroute Reason of the Week."   Click Here

To read my letter to Senator Herb Kohl  Click Here
For the North Country Trail Reroute Page  Click Here

Quick Tours
Now, instead of wading through thousands of photos of a trail that
I've hiked, you can get just the highlights of the Trail. Then if you decide to hike the trail you can then study the larger galleries.
Kekekabic Trail Quick Tour Click Here
Border Route Trail Quick Tour Click Here
Superior Hiking Trail
    Otter Lake Road to Judge CR Magney State Park Click Here
    Judge CR Magney State Park To Grand Marais Click Here
    Grand Marais to Lutsen Click Here
    Lutsen to Temperance River State Park
Click Here
    Temperance River S.P. to Crosby Manitou S.P. Click Here
    Crosby Manitou S. P. to Tettegouche S.P. Click Here
North Country Trail in North Central MN
    Hwy 6 near Remer to the Woodtick Trail Click Here
    Woodtick Trail to Waboose Lake Click Here
    Waboose Lake to Hubbard County Hwy 4 Click Here
    Hubbard County Hwy 4 to Itasca State Park Click Here
    Itasca State Park to Clearwater County Hwy 39 Click Here
    Clearwater Cty Hwy 39 to Green Water Lake SNA Click Here
Ice Age Trail
    Dane County Quick Tour  Click Here

Larger Galleries
Kekekabic Trail Click Here
Border Route Trail
    BRT West - Gunflint Trail to Clearwater Lake Click Here
    BRT East - Clearwater Lake to Otter Lake Road
Click Here
Superior Hiking Trail
    Otter Lake Road to Grand Marais Click Here 
    Grand Marais to Lutsen Click Here
    Lutsen to Tettegouche State Park Click Here
    Tettegouche State Park to the Lake County Demonstration Forest
Click Here
North Country Trail
    Chippewa National Forest: Remer to Walker 
Click Here     
    Southern Michigan  Click Here
Ice Age Trail
    Brooklyn Wildlife Area 
Click Here
    Brooklyn North  Click Here
    Montrose  Click Here
    Table Bluff  Click Here

Non-Hiking Interests

New!! Jesuit Retreat House Photos 2016 Click Here

Jesuit Retreat House - March 2015

For photos Click Here
Jesuit Retreat House - March 2014
For Photos   Click Here

Gencon 2013
My 4 day hike in downtown Indianapolis.  For Photos: Click Here

Outdoor Webelos Leader Training, Spring 2013  For Photos   Click Here

Jesuit Retreat House Photos from the February 28 to March 3, 2013 Retreat  Click Here

2006 Glacier's Edge Council's Woodbadge Course  Some beautiful Woodman Center weekend photos Click Here

Gencon 2012 photos posted My 4 day hike in Downtown Indianapolis  For Photos  Click Here
Outdoor Webelos Leader Training
April 14 & 15, 2012 at Camp Indian Trails. For Photos Click Here

Jesuit Retreat House photos
Photos from the March 1 - 4, 2012 Men's Retreat    Click Here

Woodman Center Photos
Photos from the July 2007 Mini Day Camp. This will give Boy Scout Troops and Cub Scout Packs an idea of what facilities are at the Woodman Center. And there are some stunning photos from my early morning hike Click Here

 Gencon 2011
I explore my inner geek.  For photos  Click Here

2011 Spring OWL
Photos from the Glacier's Edge Council's Spring Outdoor Webelos Leader Training   Click Here

Jesuit Retreat House Photos
Photos from the March 3 - 6,2011 Mens Retreat   Click Here

2011 All Scouter Pow Wow Photos

Why I Hike the 
North Country Trail?
People have asked me why I don't hike the Appalachian Trail, the Continental Divide Trail or  Pacific Crest Trail?  Well, do you really need to have a mountain range in order to have a Trail?

The North Country Trail is a different kind of Trail  It goes through the prairie land of North Dakota.  It travels past beautiful waterfalls in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. It offers the rural charm of Lower Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.  It goes through the heart of the urban cities of Duluth, Minnesota and Battle Creek, Michigan. It goes in the suburban areas of the cities of Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio.  Plus it goes through the Finger Lakes Region and the Adirondack Mountains of New York.

It's a different kind of trail for a different type of person.