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February 14, 2000 11.5A resolution cryo-EM map of the E.coli 70S ribosome: evidence for molecular rearrangements  New Orleans, LA 
October 13, 2000 Structure of the ribosome: theoretical and experimental approaches Boston, Massachusetts 
May 17, 2002 Ontology of molecular fitness and failure: structure-function relationship in the cellular translational apparatus. Omaha, Nebraska 
May 23, 2002 Searching functional patterns in structure related data: What does the ribosome keep under wraps?  Houston, Texas 
June 10, 2002 Structure-function relationship in the cellular translational apparatus. Toledo, Ohio 
June 17, 2002 Searching functional patterns in structure related data.  Rochester, New York 
September 6, 2002 Integrating and Mining Cellular Translation Data Memphis, Tennessee 
October 9, 2002 Data mining in interactomics: examples from cellular translation Raleigh, North Carolina 
October 11, 2002 From data mining infrastructures to artificial scientists Raleigh, North Carolina 
November 11, 2002 Mining the interaction data: examples from cellular translation  St.Louis, Missouri 
November 25, 2002 Mining data on cellular interactions: examples from protein translation  Seattle, Washington 
December 2, 2002 Structure-function relationships in complexes of cellular translation.  Iowa City, Iowa 
December 3, 2002 Knowledge engineering and system modeling in the new age biology.  Iowa City, Iowa 
December 16, 2002 Studying molecular function and failure: examples from protein translation  New Orleans, Lousiana 
December 17, 2002 Computational approaches to studies of biomolecular structure and interactions New Orleans, Lousiana 
February 20, 2003 Understanding the ribosome: from structure to dynamics to function  Atlanta, Georgia 
March 10, 2003 Expectations and Challenges in the Big Biology era.  Palo Alto, CA 
April 21, 2003 Understanding the ribosome: from structure, to dynamics, to function Austin, TX 
April 21, 2003 MAP kinase pathways and second messenger signaling.  Austin, TX 
February 17, 2004 Protein-RNA Interactions: a message from the untranslated region of a gene  Baltimore, MD 
November 17, 2004 On drugs, bugs and genes worth hearing about Livermore, CA 
December 6, 2004 New Genes Worth Hearing About  Palo Alto, CA 
February 16, 2005 Novel Ion Channel Isoforms in Human Cochlea  Long Beach, CA 
March 24, 2005 New Genes Worth Hearing About  Stanford, California 
July 28, 2005 Differential Gene Expression in the Auditory System Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil  
March 1, 2006 Fishing for genes in the ear: Comparative genomics of hearing  Berkeley, CA 
March 14, 2006 Biology and Bioinformatics of DNA damage and repair.  San Francisco, CA 
March 14, 2006 Treasure hunting in junk DNA: signatures of post-transcriptional regulation  San Francisco, CA 
April 12, 2006 Microfluidics systems and applications: from cellular structures to the $1,000 genome.  San Francisco, CA 
June 6, 2006 The Simple Rules for Teaching Biomedical informatics Fremont, CA 
June 13, 2006 DNA and protein rearrangements: good, bad and druggable.  South San Francisco, CA 
July 12, 2006 Common Themes and Variations in Biological Signal Processing.  South San Francisco, CA 
December 12, 2006 Biology of ourselves: from RNA world to the body electric.  Stanford, CA 
May 15, 2007 The road to pathway inference: Ribosome and Ion Channelome San Diego, CA 
July 19, 2007 Information integration and retrieval in multimedia environments Bend, Oregon 
July 23, 2007 Pathways Worth Hearing About Walnut Creek, CA 
December 15, 2008 Signs in the air: biomarkers of genetic risks and exposures Livermore, CA 
February 3, 2009 Chemicals ‘R Us. South San Francisco, CA 
June 23, 2012 Using Aurametrix to make informed decisions about diet and lifestyle Miami, Florida 
August 21, 2012 Aurametrix personal health management system Sunnyvale, CA 
February 24, 2013 Aurametrix Analysis Systems San Jose, CA 
February 25, 2013 Aurametrix Analysis Systems San Francisco, CA 
March 5, 2013  Analyzing multidimensional integrated systems called humans Hillsboro, Oregon 
April 18, 2013 Building Useful and Affordable Consumer Health Networks Stanford, CA 
July 2, 2013 Making Genes and Environment Work for You San Carlos, CA 
October 1, 2013 Intelligent Systems for Better Health Sunnyvale, CA 
January 24, 2014 Myths and Realities of Successful Software and Analytics  South San Francisco, CA 
November 17, 2014 Ontology-based Software Engineering for Improved Healthcare  Santa Clara, CA 
November 21, 2015 Where Are All the Wearables We Want to Wear? Santa Clara, CA 
March 31, 2017 Updates on MeBO clinical trials Miami, Florida 
February 15, 2018 When Health is Not Enough: Omics Profiling of Elusive Symptoms Stanford, California 
Showing 51 items