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We hope you find this site interesting - either to remember the good old days of IA sailing or because you are interested in buying, building or sailing this classic NZ centre boarder. We are keen to hear any news you have and to share it with others interested in IAs - see below for details of how to share information.

For more information, contact IdleAlongNZ@gmail.com for details.  

Photo credit: dorothylane.co.nz

IA Facebook page

Just discovered the old IA Facebook page set up in 2010 and not used since. Added some photos of the old IA World Champ t-shirts from the 1990s. 

Join https://www.facebook.com/groups/IdleAlongAssnOfNZ/ to see more photos or to add more IA stories yourself.

If you are still interested in the IA Association, please get in touch with Keith. We haven't heard much news from anyone lately.

IA News 2018


Not much news lately - but good to hear from Mac in Tauranga.

He has bought the IA Lucy Baird built in Dunedin (reg # IA 16)

If you have any other sailing news, please email 


Auckland Anniversary Regatta - 2017 & 2018
Contact Tom Logan: tomlogannz@gmail.com or mob 021 688 472. 

Boats and sails for sale
As at January 2019, the ply IA Bluo is for sale - offers above $300 invited for the boat, sails, mast and gear.  Bluo was built in about 1961 and has been reglued since and the for'ard bulkhead rebullt by Gary Matthews in the early 2000s.  It's been kept under cover but needs a repaint. Reluctant sale due to health. Beach trolley and road trailer available separately.
As at 19 August, there is an IA "Black Sue" at Mamaku, Rotorua that will be up for auction from a deceased estate on 14 October. See our Facebook page for more details.
As at January 2017, Psyche II is for sale and a collection of IA kites and a jib. See Boats for sale and wanted
And on 5 February we heard about a whole boats worth of sails, spars , centreboards, rudder and deck fittings - everything except a hull. See Boats for sale and wanted
Regular IA Sailing
From summer 2015-16, IAs are sailing permanently out of Takapuna Boating Club.  There is a good IA for sale.  Contact Tom as above for details.

Events off Takapuna Beach - North Island Trophy and Alf Harvey Memorial - May 2015

Next racing Sunday 31  May for the North Island Trophy  (weather forecast looking bad - event may be cancelled)
Saturday 6 June for the Alf Harvey Memorial

IAs racing at Takapuna, Sunday 3, 10 and 17 May 2015

Great racing at Takapuna on 17 May with five top IAs.  Here's some photos from the event.  
Welcome to the newcomers to the fleet. Great to see Gemini IA 69 back on the water skippered by Wayne Mapp with crew is Tim Warren. 

  IA2  Uira                                         IA 4 Conspiracy                                IA68 Ivy
   IA69 Gemini                                    IA152                                             Group with trophy

The sailing on Sunday 17 May was for the Auckland Trophy off Takapuna beach. 
The trophy was won by Jacqui Herbert with crew John Maidment. in Conspiracy IA4 (1 win, 2 seconds)
Chris Barker with crew Rob Ross was second in Iura IA2 (with 2 wins, 1 fourth).  

Great to see two old sailing identities along - Jim Davern and Jim Young ! Both were thrilled to see the IA ' s still going strong.

For more photos, go to 2015 Photos

Racing on Sunday 13 and 20 April 2015
4 boats competed on Sunday for the  newly inaugurated North Shore Cup

The races were run off Takapuna beach in a steady 10 -15 knot westerly. Ralph Roberts was officiating and had  kindly provided two magnificent old trophies of his to be competed for.  A magnificent cup he won in Barcelona in 1958 for winning the European Finn Championship and an equally stunning plate he and Geoff Smale won in 1962 for winning the NZ Flying Dutchman Championship.

Blair and Max  in Ivy M won the first race by 20 seconds from Chris and Nicholas in Uira,  Selwyn 3rd in Diana.
Jacqui and Lois won the 2nd race by 18 seconds from Blair and Max. Chris 3rd 20 seconds further back
The last race was won by Blair and Max by the length of a bowsprit from Jacqui and Lois, Chris  Barker and Nicholas 3rd.
Blair and Max won the Trophy and North Shore Championship with 1st, 2nd, 1st. Jacqui and Lois came second and the Plate with 4th , 1st ,2nd
Very close racing and pleasing to see Selwyn  in  Diana getting faster and  more competitive,

For five more photos of the event go to 2015 Photos

Racing again next Sunday again at Takapuna Beach for the Auckland Championship.

Auckland Anniversary Regatta - Monday 26 January 2015
1100hrs: Northcote Birkenhead Yacht Club
Two races sailed: 1st Ivy, 2nd Bluo, 3rd Psyche 2.  
Unfortunately Conspiracy had gear damage before the startline.

Great to see old IA faces at the wharf.  Looking forward to championships at the wharf soon. 

Birkenhead Wharf - Saturday  1 November 2014
  • Come and sail with us on the NBYC's opening day - for more details see http://nbyc.org.nz/News
  • Afterwards you can admire the excellently refurbished facilities and enjoy a catchup on the wonderful new deck.
    (The IA Association donated money towards the new trophy cabinet - we plan to put our trophies there on display). 
  • If you're no longer an active sailor come and watch; the Classic Yachts will also be sailing from Birkenhead that day.

Previous Events

Sunday  5 October 2014
Pleasant Point Yacht Club, Christchurch
This will be a new Classic Boats Day kindly hosted by the Pleasant Point Yacht Club at the club’s new home adjacent to the South Brighton Domain. Classic yachts includes IdleAlongs.

See Canterbury Classic Boats for details of more events.

Sun 23 March - NZ Champs

     Three races were held at the Northcote and Birkenhead Yacht Club (http://nbyc.org.nz/  Birkenhead Wharf) from 11.30 through to about 3pm.

     Overall winner - Jacqui Herbert and  crew Tom Logan in Conspiracy (Photo thanks to dorothylane.co.nz)

    See photos and results at IA Events - 2011 to 2014

See Sunday 2 March 2014 - North Island Champs

Three races at Takapuna Boating Club - see photos and results at IA Events - 2011 to 2014

Monday 27 January 2014 - Anniversary Day - Birkenhead Wharf

Sunday 1 December 2013 - Takapuna

Click here for photos and details. .

Auckland Championship Regatta - Sunday 10 November 2013

Off Hobsonville Club 
Click here to see some great photos from this event.

There it is!

National IA Champs - Unc Harvey Trophy - Sunday 24 March 2013

Contact IdleAlongNZ@gmail.com 

Classic Dinghy Regatta - Sunday 17 February 2013 - combined with North Island Champs 

Very successful event. Jacqui Herbert in IA 4 Conspiracy won the North Island Champs on the 16th of Feb, 2 firsts and a 4th, Don Morris in IA 167 Diana 2nd, and Blair McPheat
3rd in IA 68, Ivy.And also that

Anniversary Day - Monday 28 January 2013

Event held at Birkenhead Wharf. Blair McPheat in Ivy won the Anniversary Day Regatta with Jacqi Herbert in Conspiracy and Peter Scriven in Uira 2nd equal.

Racing - Sunday 20 January 2013

Auckland Champs -  Sunday 2 December - combined with Classic Dinghy Regatta

2012 Alf Harvey Memorial Trophy 28-29 April - great turnout 
We were hoping to have 15 boats sailing this year - and that is what turned up to Hobsonville on Saturday
For photos and details go to Alf Harvey Regatta - 2012

Generous donation by Harold Kidd

Harold has generously donated the nearly 80-year old mainsail from the IA look-alike "Retaliation" to our association. This sail carries Alf Harvey's makers stamp and  will become one of the trophies each year for the Alf Harvey Regatta.

We have received a link to an interview with Harold Kidd - click here to see it: History of sailing - Harold Kidd

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