Co-op Wellness Centers & Wellness Practitioners

We are so thankful to be working with these amazing wellness practitioners at our two wellness centers locations (740 W Broadway & 477 Shoup Ave., Suite 106, Idaho Falls, ID 83402). These are wellness experts that truly care about healing and helping the community!!! Below are their biographies and a quick introduction into who they are and what it is they specialize in offering. Please feel free to reach out and book an appointment with any or all of them ~ Thank you, Idaho Yoga Co-op Non-Profit Inc.

Wellness Service Providers of the Co-op:

Primary Studio & Wellness Center - 740 W Broadway, Idaho Falls, ID 83402 Location Wellness Practitioners:

Lisa Arnold, LMT

Hello! My name is Lisa. An Idaho native born and raised in Boise, I have been living in and calling Idaho Falls my home for almost 12 years. I have grown to love this community. I enjoy all that it has to offer and make as much time as I can to do the things that make my soul happy such as yoga, biking, hiking, skiing, enjoying and exploring the outdoors in my Jeep. I like to motivate people to be and feel the best that they can be. Taking care of one’s self through massage, energy work and yoga brings the body, mind and spirit to a place of wellness!

I have a passion to help people feel better. I’ve seen first-hand family members suffer through chronic pain and auto immune dis-ease. Watching this and experiencing my own body pains and tensions along with chronic migraines and stomach aches for years inspired me to go to begin a journey into my own state of wellness. Being introduced to and learning about the ancient practice of reiki around 2011 led me on a spiritual path to learn and use reiki to heal myself, which then guided me to massage school to learn about the physical body. I completed in the summer of 2014. My life has changed immensely since then as I have worked with hundreds of people in this beautiful community. My path then led me to become a student of the ancient practice of yoga. Upon completion of a 300 hour yoga teacher training in the summer of 2017, I’ve began sharing my love of yoga by teaching at the Idaho Yoga Co-op! A student and a teacher, it’s a great community to be in! This brings us to present time and the decision to move my massage and bodywork business to join the other great wellness practitioners at the Co-op. I’m super excited and look forward to seeing you around the Co-op! Please call or text for an appointment (208)339-6339

There are so many health benefits to massage therapy and I enjoy being of service to my clients. I care so much about making sure they get what they need out of their massage whether it’s pain relief or relaxation! Receiving massage gives you a greater body awareness as we move through your pain patterns and remove old stuck energy with massage and reiki. I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Complementary & Alternative Health from Ashford University online so that I can further my knowledge and help my clients even more! It’s very exciting and I am due to finish in early 2020.

In addition to my therapeutic and relaxation massage techniques, I offer cupping, fascia blasting, ohm therapeutics (tuning forks) as well as essential oils and reiki. I LOVE reiki and you will too.

I look forward to meeting you and being part of your wellness plan!

Some of the benefits of massage therapy include:

Helps alleviate tension-related headaches

Assists in recovery after an accident or falls

Improves range of motion and joint flexibility

Alleviates low-back pain and relaxes overused muscles

Reduces post-surgery adhesions and swelling

Manages anxiety and depression

Releases endorphins-amino acids that work as the body’s natural painkiller

Enhances immunity by stimulating lymph flow-the body’s natural deference system.

Promotes tissue regeneration, which reduces scar tissue

Improves the condition of the body’s largest organ-the skin

Improves athletic performance

Reduces muscle spasms

Improves overall well-being

Tiffany Price - Massage Therapist

Massage Therapy at our 740 W Broadway location.

(208) 357-6374

Erin Dowling ~ Iona Juice Provider

-Nutritional Workshops & Nutrition Consultations

- Sales of Nutmylks and Juices at the Broadway Co-op Location, along with Nutrition/Wellness Workshops at the Co-op and Personal Wellness Consultations



Phone: (203) 517-8275

***In-House Co-op Affiliated Wellness Providers:

Nancy Robbins

Offers Intuitive Personal Readings and Healing

-Leads Energy/Clairvoyant Meditation Series & Workshops, along with monthly Chakradance classes at Co-op.


Phone: (208) 709-1432

2nd Studio & Wellness Center - 477 Shoup Ave., Suite 106, Idaho Falls, ID 83402 Location Wellness Practitioners:

Chealsea May - Massage Therapist:

Hello, I am Chelsea May. I have over 10 years experience in the healing arts as a massage therapist and bodyworker. I adore working with individuals to tailor a wellness plan and self-care treatment protocol that aligns with each person's specific needs and health goals.

I'm trained in various modalities that can be incorporated into your session so that you receive maximum benefits from your appointment.

I'm trained in: Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Lymphatic Drainage, Prenatal Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Aromatherapy (Raindrop Technique), Eastern Theory, Structural Muscular Balancing, Reiki, Access Consciousness, and Polarity. I specialize in relief from neck and shoulder tension. I'm also always ready to take new classes and apply additional methods and options to assist in reaching your healing/wellness goals.

I am happy to answer any of your questions and to work with you to create and maintain optimal health, wellness and relaxation.


Chelsea L. May, LMT


Phone: (208) 221-1618

Jordan Ashworth - Esthetician:


Phone: (208) 390-5758

Michelle Fletcher - Massage Therapist:

Aromatouch, Marma Point Massage & other varieties


Phone: (208) 206-4128

Lena Pruitt - Massage Therapist:


Phone: (208) 681-5302

Phone: (208) 757-0047

Jordan Ashworth- Esthetician

(208) 390-5758

Distance/Visiting Wellness Service Providers Affiliated with the Co-op:

Katherine Long - Spectra Massage Therapist (only visits Idaho Falls to offer massage, as she lives in Boise):

Katherine Long, daughter of a carpenter and a teacher, was born in March of 1988 in her home outside of Idaho Falls in an area known as New Sweden. Katherine, or “Kate” as most call her, enjoyed soccer, music and school as an adolescent.

She launched herself to the city of Seattle at the age of eighteen where she became a late-night baker of bagels and volunteered at local music venues. One year later she enrolled in the Evergreen State College and studied audio production, physiology and fine arts. She split her time between academics and starting a restaurant on campus with her peers, exploring non-traditional business structures as well as sustainable food sourcing.

One fateful day while transporting produce she herniated a disk in her back leading her to try alternative forms of medicine for the first time. She received treatments from an energy healer and with an acupressurist, leading her to explore a variety of energy healing modalities, gaining her Reiki one certification and studying Matrix Energetics in Portland OR.

Upon returning from backpacking around South America and feeling the need to better take care of her body, she decided to explore and invest in chiropractic work, massage therapy, Amma therapy and physical therapy. She found that massage therapy might be some of the best stuff on the planet. It helped her relive postural distortions that had previously inhibited her from being as physically active as she wanted. And it just plain felt good. Kate was hooked and enrolled at the College of Massage Therapy in Blackfoot, ID just a few months later. It’s been rainbows ever since and she’s so very excited to help you reach your health goals, and to provide a nurturing touch to those in need.

Elizabeth Richards~ Massage, Energy Healing, Rocks & More (visits to offer session in Idaho Falls from Salt Lake City, Utah)

Hello and Namaste',

My name is Elizabeth Richards and I Love Loving on people and I am honored to share my heart, my hands and the wisdom of a lifetime...

With 21 years of training and handson along with extensive life experience, I offer a very unique combination of modalities, drawing upon Massage, Reiki, Matrix Energetics, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Polarity Therapy, Essential Oils, Sound Healing/ Toning and Energies that flow from Lifetimes of Experience in the Healing Arts...

I will be in the Idaho Falls area from June 2-7th and have openings available.

The Works: Intuitive session with full body massage $120/ 2 hours

Deep tissue and problem areas $ 70/ 1 hour.

Reiki and Energy Therapies with Aura Cleansing $ 70/ 1 hour

Aquachi Detoxifying Footbath and foot massage $50/ 1 hour

Spiritual and Intuitive Guidance: $100/ hour

Rates include set up and travel time, Thank you!

And Free Hugs!!!

By appointment only

Please call and leave a message or text me at:


or email me at