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Our Yearly Unlimited Pass is always our very best deal! And our Autopay Monthly Unlimited Passes follow closely in affordability - all of our prices are offered at our local, community non-profit rates for all to enjoy!!!

~Tip: always visit our Facebook page, and Instagram for any current promotion codes & sales!!

Click to sign up for our Autopay Monthly Unlimited to support yourself fully in health and wellness!…

*Click on Online Store- Autopay Monthly Unlimited Pass- Select **12 mo. Autopay Unlimited Monthly at $36.99/mo.!

Our prices are now lower!!!

Our Auto-pay passes are our most affordable option for our community! Our one month trail pass is $36.99, with a two week trail pass at $22.99. We offer 12 month autopay at $36.99/mo., as well as a 6 month autopay and 3 month autopay pass, priced accordingly.

*Please always visit our facebook page and instagram page to learn of current promotion codes and special offers and sales :)

Our prices have lowered several times, as part of our operation as a non-profit is lowering our prices, as we are able with more in our community supporting the co-op, so that our wellness services are more attainable for our community!

We have it all! All kinds of yoga, vinyasa, heated & gentle stretch and restorative, tai chi, qigong, lots of dance, pilates, meditation & more. A wide variety of classes, along with workshops, retreats, trainings & international trips. Supporting a positive environment, along with health and holistic wellness in our community with three locations. 740 W Broadway & 477 Shoup Ave., Suite 106 in Idaho Falls, and 170 N Main St. In Victor, ID.

~Pass valid at all locations! Punch Class Packages in 3, 5, 10, 20, & 30 Class Packs are valid for one year! Parents can bring children 16 and younger, as capable of not disrupting the class, on their pass. The co-op is family friendly.

2 week unlimited trail pass at $22.99!

Click to sign up for our Ultra Sale at $35.99/mo. & support yourself and your community in health and wellness.

Come be supported by our amazing instructors and wonderful community!

        • If your organization/business is interested, and would like to support your community co-op in any way, please contact us at the appropriate location for details. Thank you for letting us serve your community!