Autopay Agreement Terms & Conditions

Thank you for wanting to make the commitment to your health and wellness, and for allowing your local non-profit, the Idaho Yoga Co-op Non-Profit Inc. to support our whole community positively in striving to reach their highest potential. Your health and wellness is of the utmost importance in creating a positive life of radiant health and long-term wellness, and a key for uplifting our entire community. Thank you for supporting yourself, your community, and the Idaho Yoga Co-op Non-Profit Inc. in enabling us all as individuals and as a community to reach our highest potential via a foundation of physical, mental, emotional (and for those interested, spiritual) health and wellness.

Please do read our Autopay Unlimited Pass Contract Terms and Conditions (applies to all Autopay passes, though would apply for the respectable 3 month and 6 month passes accordingly):

This Autopay contract is for 12 months (or for the 3 or 6 month terms selected, at corresponding prices per month), auto-renewing at this low rate, unless client emails two months preferably, or at minimum one month in advance, to not renew. Client can continue their initial, original low non-profit rate with auto-renew. No transfers, refunds, or cancellations are allowed under the terms and conditions (which can always be seen by logging into your mindbody account).  Only suspensions,  if/as approved and done so only at the discretion of the Idaho Yoga Co-op Non-Profit Inc. management for limited, extenuating circumstances will be considered on a rare basis. Please seek to utilize your Autopay pass often, as if you are feeling as if you haven't used it enough, you can easily come more or continue coming again and derive great benefit far beyond the number of classes you take, while you only really need to take 4 or more classes a month to have your Autopay pass easily be the most affordable option by far.  Do note, this autopay pass is already at the lowest rate that we have ever seen across the entire United States.  Focus on your health and wellness, and preventative aspects of wellness you are accumulating with each and every thing that you do, class and workshop that you come to, etc. (please don't limit yourself and actually undermine the larger purpose of simply achieving greater wellness by feelings of not utilizing the pass enough for it to be worth it- it's already the most affordable rate in the country.  Just come, and know that every time you come you are helping yourself, and with each time that you come, it gets easier to come again and to work it into your schedule more and more. Oftentimes, it is simply coming or starting to come again that is the hardest part, but you can do it, simply show up and know that you can always do as much as you chose in nearly all of our classes- that is the beauty of yoga. You are giving to yourself much more than a relative price breakdown of the cost per class you attend each month, instead of thinking that your health and wellness has to be the cheapest possible, consider the wider-ranging effects on yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and even in your spirit from each class you take, and the overall service we provide to you and the larger community.  In the US, we already spend nearly $10k per person on health care costs per year, with a paltry $270 spent on preventative care, flip your thinking and avoid the real, much larger costs and those that have a greater effect on your life in every way and let the co-op support you in others in a myriad of ways to improve physical, emotional, mental, nutritional, and personal health.  Give to yourself, and know that we truly appreciate your support, as does the waves of those affected by your support outward from you, in offering more wide ranging and donation-based workshops and special offerings in our community. You are supporting yourself and your entire community, albeit even an international community, via supporting the Idaho Yoga Co-op Non-Profit Inc.

Please note, Idaho Yoga Co-op Non-Profit Inc. management travels for work often, nearly always, domestically and internationally, and can often only address account issues monthly, or every few weeks at most.  Please continue to come and enjoy your Idaho Yoga Co-op Non-Profit Inc. at any of our three locations, if you know that any issue with your account is waiting our resolution, and your account is not outstanding due to any disregard on your part.  Firstly, please try to have instructors resolve issues (making note that you don't have two accounts in the system, or that you indeed didn't sign up only for a one month trial when wanting to sign up or be signed up for Autopay- if so, please have an instructor sign you up for Autopay or do so online). With recent credit card issues, card providers have been issuing new cards more frequently to cardholders.  Since our mindbody online system is one of the most widely used across the nation, encoding your credit card information for security, you are unable to log in, as our instructors, into mindbody to change your credit card information.  If you have been issued a new card, please do send us an email at with a picture of the front and back of your card for our management to update as soon as we are able.  It may take us some time, but if you have sent us this updated information, please keep coming and let your instructor know you have emailed us the information to update your account. 

We are only able to offer this low of a rate (as far as we know, the lowest rate in the entire US for any similar service) with the length of commitment associated with the low Autopay rate we offer per month. 

Thank you for supporting your community. Our low non-profit rates on Autopay allow us to offer more for the community and to more people in our community as well as lower the price that health and wellness can be available for all in our community and in our surrounding areas. The Idaho Yoga Co-op Non-Profit Inc. and your community thanks you for your support and for the support of all around you in health and wellness! Your commitment to health and wellness allows others such an opportunity, especially via Autopay above all other options, in supporting our ongoing community efforts, all of our weekly schedule and workshop offerings, and the continued long-term operation of the Idaho Yoga Co-op Non-Profit Inc. in our community and surrounding areas.

Please note this contract is auto-renewing, at this rate, unless you un-select the auto-renew within your account at the latest one month prior to it auto-renewing, or email us at least one month before the contract ends asking for it to not renew. Most all want their contract to renew, especially at our low non-profit and special sale rates that many sign up at with the Idaho Yoga Co-op Non-Profit Inc.

*All auto-pay contracts renew automatically, simply email us a month before the renewal date to alter, if necessary.

Thank you for supporting your local Idaho Yoga Co-op Non-Profit Inc. and for supporting your community as a whole as we strive to support a positive space for health and wellness in our area of the US and internationally, assisting all to reach their highest and fullest potential. Congratulations on choosing to support and put your health and wellness first!!!! We are here to support you, and we are certain it will pay off and offer rewards far greater than you can imagine in every facet of your life and the lives of those you touch far, far into the future. 

In lifelong wellness,
The Idaho Yoga Co-op Non-Profit Inc.