300hr Yoga Teacher Training

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Please use the link above to enroll to be on our interested list for the 300hr (200hr + 100 continuing education hours) with Yoga Alliance. This next training will take place sometime between Feb 2017-Feb 2018 (either in the spring or fall), depending upon lead trainers graduate/phd research and regional work and international engagements.

*Hold your place for this unparalleled training for $100.

Likely, this training will take place, beginning at the end of February, and running until early June. It runs about every other weekend. Schedule will be set soon, requests for weekends will be considered.

Please sign up/register/and reserve your place to ascertain this training takes place. There will very likely, hopefully, be enough registration to warrant offering this training and for us to sort out a time frame to work with our schedule. When that happens, we will put up the dates of the weekends, usually running Saturday and Sunday, with training weekends happening roughly every other weekend. There will be some weeks where we won't meet for 2-3 weeks, and other times when there are training weekends together. The times are usually 10:30-5/6 on Saturday, and 9:30-4:30/5/6 on Sunday. We need to have a good list of registration to make this happen. So, sign up and add your name to the list to make this happen, and spread the word!! :)

Please pay the $100 placeholder fee, and if/once there is substantial registration, the dates and times will be posted (hopefully with enough interest for us to schedule the training and lay out dates several months in advance, or months prior to the start). Do plan/consider paying for your training in full for a lower overall price for this 300 hr training. There will be an option to pay in full for a substantial reduction in price.

We're looking for an amazing group to sign up and commit to this amazing training, so that we can offer it again in 2017. Our prior 2015 & 2016 trainee groups were incredible. There is much interest for 2017, we just need people to sign up and register to make it come together!

(If for some reason the training is not held, the $100 placeholder will be put towards a pass, retreat, international trip, etc. or refunded, as desired.)

We do hope/plan to make this happen! Sign up and do your part to have this on offer in our community again, and we will surely offer an incredible training, that only continues to get better and better. This training is far more than what is offered on average throughout the US, with our training manual and foundation in the Bihar School of Yoga from India, with traditional roots, and several amazing visiting instructors offering modern and various styles and aspects of yoga to trainees. We've already reached out to a few potential incredible lead trainers to assist throughout the country for 2017.

More than likely, there will be enough interest for the co-op to offer this training. Help us get there by spreading the word, and signing up today, registering and adding your name to the list online by registering here (via our mindbody software under the workshops/retreats/trainings tab), and paying your placeholder fee to let us know you're serious about making this incredible training happen this year. 2017!! ***

It's up to you and all of us to make this amazing training happen again this next year!!

Thank you all so much!!!!

Info from 2016 Teacher Training (2017 Dates to be Posted Now Below!) Sign up today to show your interest and make certain we offer this training!!!

2017 Training Weekend Dates:

(open to a few potential shifts, as requested by registered/registering participants)

***Please note: In the teacher training program, you can miss up to two full weekends, with normal make-up, but if any more than two weekends (or four days of training) is missed, than a personalized make-up plan, or workshop/training with one of our visiting instructors, or such similar make-up training/learning will be required.

Feb 25 & 26

(March 4 & 5 or May 6 & 7 - one of these weekends will be required, requests will be considered)

March 11 & 12

March 18 & 19

(Daysha teaches at YogaFort/Treefort in Boise March 22-26)

(Daysha teaches CAYA (central american youth ambassador) state program at UI last week in March 28/29- April 1/2)

April 8 & 9

April 15 & 16

April 29 & 30

(May 6 & 7 or March 4 & 5 - one of these weekends will be required, requests will be considered)

May 13 & 14

(Daysha teaches at the SLC Downtown Yoga Fest May 20 & 21 at Westminster in Salt Lake City)

May 27 & 28

June 3 & 4

Daysha's following schedule (important for solidifying training requirements, classes and meetings with Daysha, etc.):

(Daysha leaves June 6/7 to lead the India- UI Study Abroad Progam/Trip throughout India until June 24/25, though will likely be in India/Asia until the end of June).

Daysha should be around until the first of July, possibly into mid July, but will then head to Africa to work with non-profits.

She will back around the first or second week in August.

**Disclaimer: We reserve the right to shift a weekend, as needed for work or camps with US teams, or other work/university engagements. This could mean that the final weekend ends up being around the end of June, if a shift is needed, as the dates and weekends are already quite full up until June :)

***Will look at leading a weekend yoga retreat, and will certainly lead day paddleboard outings in late August/into September, but may be then partly based elsewhere or internationally for a PhD program.

2016 Dates for Teacher Training:

January: 30th (Introduction), 31st & 1st of Feb (4th weekend only)

February: 14th & 15th, 28th & 1st of March (2nd & 4th weekend) (we will discuss shifting the valentine's weekend on our first weekend of the training)

*The 4th weekend will be taught by visiting instructor Neesha Zollinger, from Akasha Yoga and Yoga Today of Jackson, WY. She will be offering a full weekend of training in philosophy, Anusara principles of alignment, and more of her unique offerings for teacher trainees. Look for an open workshop in Idaho Falls in the afternoon Saturday on philosophy, and the tradition of yoga, along with a workshop Sunday on asana and Anusara alignment in Teton Valley, ID.

March: 21st & 22nd (3rd weekend only)

April: 11th & 12th, 25th & 26th (2nd & 4th weekend)

*The 2nd weekend will be taught by visiting instructor Emily Becker Potter, originally from Idaho Falls, who has taught and helped lead teacher trainings in San Diego & La Jolla, CA for Bindu Yoga and Yoga Six. She currently resides in northern Idaho, near Moscow and Coeur d'alene, Idaho. She will be offering a fuller weekend of training in alignment, adjustments, and developing your own style, along with supporting information on nutrition and lifestyle.

May: 16th & 17th, 30th & 31st (3rd & 5th weekend)

*The 4th weekend will offer an open workshop, and a few hours dedicated to teacher trainees, taught by Louise Sanseau, from Inversion Yoga of Jackson, WY. Louise may or may not be a partial weekend presenter for our 300hr teacher training program, if not, there will be a section on heated yoga and we will cover and discuss the positives and negatives of the Bikram sequence and other similar heated sequences.

June: 27th & 28th (4th weekend only)

*The 4th weekend will offer an open workshop, and a few hours dedicated to teacher trainees. In 2015, we had planned to have Arwa Jundi of Salt Lake City offer a partial weekend training.

In 2016, we had Daniel Hickman or Washington, DC offer a more yoga therapy and healing focused weekend, infused with buddhist yoga principles and more. It was an excellent offering for our 2016 training, with a group very much interested in therapy and healing. Please read more on Daniel at https://danielofthesun.com/

July: 11th & 12th, 25th & 26th (2nd & 4th weekend)

***Last weekend will entail a special teacher trainee celebration and graduation 

Become a yoga teacher, through an interactive, experiential, hands-on yoga teacher training, featuring four visiting yoga instructors to help you gain knowledge to teach an array of styles and types of classes with a solid foundation. This 300 hour teacher training offers 100 hours in addition to the standard 200 hour registered yoga teacher certification through Yoga Alliance. The additional 100 hours, for a total of 300 hours, will include additional workshops, visiting instructors, guests, unlimited yoga during the training, experience assisting and teaching classes, and more. This yoga teacher training is designed to be the best combination of all of the aspects that lead to confident trainees, and students who become teachers ready to teach, if they so choose. The background, philosophy, and foundation will stem from the Yoga Vidya Gurukul, Bihar School of Yoga lineage, and this will give us a strong traditional foundation to work with as we build into aspects such as adjustments, anatomy, style and personality, marketing, business of yoga, heated yoga knowledge, supportive aspects such as nutrition, Ayurveda, and more.

Come enjoy this special journey! Delve deeper into yogic studies for yourself, for your life, for your own understanding, and to share your bliss and what you love with those around you. Teacher trainings can be a very important part of advancing upon your yoga path, whether you think you would like to teach, are not sure, or would primarily like to take a teacher training for your own deeper understanding and life. We would love to have you on this journey, and we will make sure to gather through a survey all of the things that are important, and of a priority to you all, in the beginning, so that we can tailor to your needs and individual wishes as much as possible.

Payment Options:

$100 placeholder deposit- please pay online as soon as possible to hold your place in the teacher training, as it is possible, if the training fills rapidly or to a capacity between 16-22 that we may cap enrollment. There will also soon be payment options online for $333, so that students can make payments towards their teacher training anytime. It is filling 

**If any payment is late, after the date for which any payment would be late, there will be a $50 fee added to each late payment, and a $100 fee for any payment that is beyond 1 month late. Thank you 

***Early bird payment in full will offer a substantial discount for a total of $2650 by February 1st, and $2699 by the first date of the training, February 25, 2017.

We hope you will sign up today for this amazing teacher training, and advance your path in yoga by being a part of this incredible experience  Thank you all so very much.

***Look out for the Teacher Training Info Session, January 21st!!! The info session will be at 740 W Broadway from 1:30-3pm and 3-4pm for a jumpstart session for those already registered, and ready to get started :) (if there is a dance or workshop scheduling conflict, we will meet at Broadway, and possibly, if needed, go over to the Kingston Building at 477 Shoup Ave., Suite 106, Idaho Falls, ID 83402).


The Idaho Yoga Co-op, and Visiting Instructors for the 300 hr Teacher Training

~ Watch out for a potential teacher training info session for those that have any additional questions or interest. Depending upon our schedule and interest, we may offer this session before an open house at either the Idaho Falls or both locations. This is to be determined, and would be announced on the facebook page, and sent out via an email to all that are in our mindbody system through the co-ops. Thank you! (see above)

*Checks are the preferred method of payment for the full teacher training (early bird or regular payments), yet all forms of payment will be accepted. The teacher training deposit can certainly be paid by credit card online. Thank you.

***Full detailed syllabus can be found on our Yoga Alliance page:


Payment Options:

$699 due by February 25th, 2017 for the first intro night of our training (which is the remaining amount due, assuming students have indeed paid the $100 placeholder online) *This is if someone would like to be on the payment plan option, versus paying in full for the early bird rate of $2650 by Feb 1st and $2699 by Feb 25th.

$999 due by April 15th (considered late after April 16th)

$999 due by June 3rd (considered late after June 4th)

***If all payments are made by due date (at least before considered late), then the total cost of the 300 hour teacher training is $2799. This is absolutely the very best price that we can offer with all certification and yoga alliance compliance costs, along with providing the very best visiting teachers from the west to be a part of this training. Any comparison to other training programs will show that what you receive in total, for the amount, is a far better deal than offered on average for teacher training programs, while also maintaining a level of experiential, hands-on and traditional excellence, incorporation of the training into lifestyle, while offering a variety of perspectives on yoga, in various styles and in types of yoga than nearly any other training around the United States. We will love having you as a part of this amazing community and yoga journey 

*The $100 placeholder fee is non-refundable, and once paid, any part of the teacher training is also a commitment that is non-refundable, transferable, and no suspensions are allowed. Thank you.

*** Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, ideas, or concerns at idahoyogacoop@yahoo.com. We would love to answer any of your questions, and talk to you about the teacher training. You can also come to any of Daysha’s classes at the Teton or Idaho Falls Co-op location, to speak with her afterwards about the teacher training as well. And if interested, Daysha can connect you with any of the amazing visiting instructors that will be an important part of this amazing training as well  Please reach out to us for anything at all related to the teacher training!!!

We hope you will sign up today for this amazing teacher training, and advance your path in yoga by being a part of this incredible experience  Thank you all so very much.


The Idaho Yoga Co-op, and Visiting Instructors for the 300hr Teacher Training