300hr Yoga Teacher Training

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Yoga Teacher Training- 300hr*** Early bird pymnt by 8/30, Late bird by 9/16, Full reduced price by Oct 1 *Starts Oct 9th, 2021

*We are planning to offer our 300hr training program starting in spring, late spring or summer. Please sign up here if interested, and we will contact you for an individual time to connect, and discuss your interest and goals for training. You are also certainly welcome to reach out to us and let us know of your interest and which times could work for you to start, or if any of the times from spring to early summer or fall would work for you. This program would will run until mid June, 2021. We ran a program this last spring from March-June 2020 primarily online with four weekends outside in person. It was one of our best yet! We're thinking to expand and include some instruction from Kelli Nairn of Union Yoga in Monterey, where Daysha teaches as a primary instructor as well, along with our other new and longstanding lead instructors that the co-op brings in for our training. We're seeking to find ways to make it even better, though, truth be told, this last spring was one of our best trainings yet!!! See below for the schedule of our 300hr training. Please scroll down and click enroll to be on the interested list for this training! Thank you!!

We hope you will be a part of our amazing group for this year's training. Note, this training takes place over 9 weekends, possibly 10 if we include the Salt Lake City Yoga Festival for a weekend (if/when that might take place in 2021), while there is also a weekend over which we will do our karma yoga project as a group. It is often asked if someone can take the training if they will miss a weekend. At this schedule, and with our video-recording of the bulk of the training, you are allowed to miss four full days cumulatively, or two full weekends of the training using the video for makeup and asking your primary guide any questions you have on the material you covered. If additional hours or days are missed beyond this point, outside training hours will be required. These would have to be arranged separately, as sometimes some of our lead trainers are offering shorter sections of training that a trainee can attend, often at an additional cost, even if discounted. Any additional outside training hours would need to be arranged on an individual basis.

It is also often asked if there are payment plans available. We do offer not only early bird and late bird rates-payment in full by the start date for the training, but also standard payment plans. Our standard payment plan would have the last payment due on the final in-studio training weekend. Extended payment plans will be considered on an individual basis.

We look forward to having you sign up today! We are planning to bring on some additional truly amazing instructors to be a part of this training, and so we will need a good group to integrate them all into this spring's teacher training :) Sign up today and help solidify an awesome group for this Fall's training and help us be sure to be able to bring all of the incredible trainers we brought to the co-op during the Fall 2019 training.

*If you have any additional questions, please email idahoyogacoop@yahoo.com and ask to schedule a time to chat with Daysha, our lead guide for this training. She will be happy to answer any questions you might have about the details of this training.

Please see the link to our Yoga Alliance School below, and know that there is a break-down of the hours and segments for our training there. We do offer the 200+100 hr training for a total of 300 hours to allow us more time to make this an encompassing and well-rounded, balanced and holistic teacher training. Please do see the breakdown of hours, while considering that yoga alliance has been shifting its standards over the past year to move toward allowing more traditional aspects and structuring to allow for more holistic training programs like ours :)

Please see our Facebook group to keep in touch on the latest discussion and info for the training:


*We will have a new facebook event for this training soon!

Schedule: Saturday 10:30am-6:30pm & Sunday 9:30am-6:00pm *if this shifts with any visiting instructor, we will give advance notice :)

2021 Fall Tentative Schedule:

Oct 9/10 (or 10/16 &17 for back to back first weekends)

Oct 24/25

Nov 6/7

Nov 20/21

Dec 4/5

Dec 11/12 (or less likely Dec 18/19)

Jan 8/9

Jan 22/23

Feb 5/6

(It's possible we will weave in an additional 10th final weekend, unless we gain hours elsewhere or go to a festival together to account for another weekend)

***There's always a chance that this schedule can be pushed back, due to enrollment needs; however, we will be trying to keep to this schedule as closely as possible as it fits our schedule for working in the area in the fall before, hopefully, going to teach at the International Festival of Traditional Yoga in February and leading a trip around those dates (dependent upon the stability of India with Covid).

Our 2020 Schedule (as planned):

March 27/28 - 1st weekend- Chantel Gerfen of Transcend Yoga- Logan, UT

*tentative visiting instructor schedule

April 3/4 - 2nd weekend- Emily Becker Potter of NourishMint Wellness- Bozeman, MT (prior teacher trainer in Encinitas, CA & yoga instructor in Encinitas and Northern Idaho)

*tentative visiting instructor schedule


Aoril 17/18- 3rd weekend- Daysha

April 24/25- 4th weekend- Niki Sue Mueller of Teton Yoga Shala and Inversion Yoga- Wilson/Jackson, WY

*tentative visiting instructor schedule


May 8/9- 5th weekend- Neesha Zollinger of Akasha Yoga- Jackson, WY

May 15/16- 6th weekend- Daysha/Kelli - (this could be a break weekend, where then we have Feb 20/21 & Feb 27/28 back to back in Monterey or the Tetons)


May 29/30- 7th weekend -Daysha/Kelli

June 5/6- 8th weekend - Daysha

June 12/13 -9th tentative weekend (or the June 19/20) :)

*We're leaving lots of flexibility in this schedule! If we don't start until Feb 20/21, then the following weekends would be May 22/23 & June 5/6 (with a possible likelihood of June 19/20 being a possible final makeup option or used for an additional shorter gathering one of the days of the weekend :)

*In the past we have secured entrance for our teacher training group to the Salt Lake City Yoga Festival where Daysha has taught for years! This is an awesome full-on weekend full of great yoga (and last year- also Indian food :) Currently, they are working on a spring festival.

*Visiting Instructors we have contacted regarding the March-June, 2020 training to teach/lead weekends are: Chantel Gerfen from Transcend Studio in Utah, Emily Becker Potter (long time teacher training leader for the co-op's training), Neesha Zollinger (owner of Akasha Yoga & long time teacher training leader for the co-op's teacher training), and Niki Sue Mueller (amazing instructor from Inversion Yoga Studio in Jackson, Wy) - who we are thrilled and hoping to add to this year's Fall Teacher Training!

*We are considering running this more cooperatively, integrating Kelli Nairn from Union Yoga in Monterey, for the final weekends or throughout from earlier on in the training :)

*While we brought the four above visiting instructors for the Fall 2019, the Spring 2020 will depend upon the level of registration and the schedule of the above four lead trainers as to if we will be able to host them for the Spring 2020 training. Thank you!

*Visiting instructor's schedules and that of our lead trainer may shift. It is very likely we will keep the above proposed dates, though the lead instructor teaching the stated weekend may indeed shift.

*Please note we have also had Louise Sanseau (owner of Inversion Yoga in Jackson) in the past, who led a segment on heated yoga. And we have had the highly experienced Daniel Hickman from Washington, DC - a colleague of Daysha's from teaching in DC for 5 years - come and lead a weekend of the training!

***Please see the link to our Yoga Alliance school here and learn more about our 300hr (200 yoga teacher training- level one certification + 100 continuing education hours) Yoga Teacher Training Program. This link provides a breakdown of content:


*This is a 200 + 100 hour teacher training, meaning you are doing the additional 100 hours of continuing education credits early on via our yoga alliance school. This also allows us to offer a more holistic and well-balanced basic to intermediate training without only covering the bare bones. We allow a full year for participants to complete their training requirements, though teacher training payment plans will usually require the final payment on the last in-studio training day. *Were planning to tailor and get a bit more specific/just fine tune the hour requirements. Every year we make shifts that we think will be more beneficial for the training and all that is taken from it. This will be discussed in the info session and/or first weekend of the training.

*** This year we are integrating more pranayama & particularly meditation and various techniques earlier for more of an experiential component on to inspire each trainees personal practice/journey. Pls read below for more details on the training being videorecorded and trainees being allowed to miss up to two full weekends with makeup hours and write-ups on the days they missed, ensuring they watch the video (missing as little of the training in-studio hours is encouraged). ******

Deposit: $99 (non-refundable) *all must pay the deposit prior or in conjunction with any of the below rates.

Early bird rate: $2449 (if paid in full by March 28)

Late bird rate: $2499 (if paid in full by April 18O

Payment in Full/Personalized Payment Plan: $2549 (if paid in full or partly in full after April 19)

Payment Plan rate: $2549

Payment Plans available to run over the course of the in-studio training weekends, until June 22, 2020.

*Personalized and/or extended payment plans may be available. Please don't hesitate to talk to us about this option.