Non-Profit/Corporate, Community & International Partnerships

Non-Profit Partnerships:

Idaho Falls Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Center (DVSAC)
The Haven
The Ruth House
The Development Workshop
Special Olympics
Big Brothers/Big Sisters
Habitat for Humanity

*We are working on a staged process for offering non-profit partnership yoga/meditation classes and services at these non-profit partners, along with classes specifically for these groups at the co-op, and, finally, passes for use at the co-op for those in the third stages of healing and overcoming.  We are very happy to support this 3 tier system of support in working with our local non-profit partners.

**The Co-op Teacher Training program volunteered with the Habitat for Humanity Women's Build, along with the Idaho Falls City Clean Up this year. 

***The Idaho Yoga Co-op Non-Profit Inc. has always had the goal to support our community and local non-profits by giving 5% of earnings, or more, to our community.  This 3 tier approach along with other various workings with local non-profit partners is the beginning of this longstanding plan of giving back and working more at a higher level within our community. 

WIT- Women's India Trust
SHE- Style Her Empowered
Apne Aap
Clean Himalaya Society