Sharing Your Digital Portfolio

At Del Lago Academy, we want you to share your growth and your learning beyond the walls of the campus. Creating a digital portfolio is a great way to compile all of your experiences into one easy-to-navigate website. You can share your website for college applications, job interviews, or to show off to your friends and family. Follow the directions below to successfully create your digital portfolio.

Step 2 - Share your digital portfolio with Mr. Simmons/Ms. Stillman.

  1. From your digital portfolio, select the blue button in the top right corner that says "Share".
  2. The site default is "Private," but in order to share it with Mr. Simmons or Ms. Stillman, select where it says "Change...".
  3. Select one of the following options:
    • "Anyone with the link" - Select this option if you want to restrict access to your site only to those that you give the link to. (Recommended)
    • "Public on the web" - If you want your site to be seen by anyone on the Internet, select this option.
  4. Select "Save".
  5. Go back to your home page by selecting the name of your site on the left side.
  6. Find your site URL by selecting the text in the top bar. COPY this text, which should look like:

Now that your have shared your site with Mr. Simmons/Ms. Stillman, click here to add pages.