Courtney's Map

October 18, 2013

I think it's awesome when students use geography outside of our classroom! Courtney, from Period 6, uses some of her free time to create drawings (Courtney's Portfolio). Check out this fictional map she made for some of the characters she has created! If you have created something geography-related and would like to share it on our class website, send me an email ( and I will feature it on our classroom's home page!

The reason why I think this map is so cool is because of its attention to detail. Courtney included geographical features such as mountains, rivers, and lakes, and each island has its own unique shape. Here a description she included about the map:

"This is a map of Calldania, a fictional country created by Courtney Clement. This map relates to her story The Black Warrior and is home to over 40,000 Callico's. These are the beings she refers to in her story. Calldania is broken up into 5 parts: Northern Province, Southern Province, Eastern Province, Western Province, and High Rule. Smaller islands such as Red, Shou, and Suna are naval bases. Shadow Island is where dark spirits and Callico's convicted of a serious crimes are locked away."