Add Pages to Your Digital Portfolio

At Del Lago Academy, we want you to share your growth and your learning beyond the walls of the campus. Creating a digital portfolio is a great way to compile all of your experiences into one easy-to-navigate website. You can share your website for college applications, job interviews, or to show off to your friends and family. Follow the directions below to successfully create your digital portfolio.

Step 3 - Add pages to your digital portfolio.

  1. Find and select the button that looks like a piece of paper with the "+" in it (top right corner of the page).
  2. Let's first create a page for our class. Name your page "10th Grade Humanities".
  3. Scroll down and check to make sure that "Put at the top level" is selected, and then press "CREATE" at the top.
  4. Press "Save" in the top left once your page has been created.
  5. You should now see your new page listed on the lefthand tool bar.
  6. Create a page for your other classes as well.

Now that your site contains pages for all of your class, click here to customize it!