10th Grade Humanities (Summer 2014)

Hello Scholars,

Welcome to Summer School 2014! Here at Del Lago Academy, it is never too late to learn. Over the course of this three week period, you will have the unique opportunity to continue to strive for success. My classroom has been transformed into a work space and I am available throughout the day to help as many of you pass and clear your No Marks as I possibly can. Here is the process for clearing No Marks this summer:

  1. Refer to the competency guide to keep track of which competencies need to be completed.
    • Red = not yet attempted
    • Yellow = needs revisions
    • Green = all clear
  2. Find the original assignment on Haiku or continue working on your revisions.
  3. Submit your competency via email to hsimmons@euhsd.net
  4. When all competencies for World History or English have been cleared, I will give you a grade change form signifying that you no longer have to attend my class.

REMEMBER, I will only be here for three weeks. That means 12 days of summer school. If you cannot clear your No Marks by the end of this period, you must complete these competencies on your own time or await my return to Del Lago in mid-August.

DO NOT WASTE TIME. If you are not using your time wisely in my class, I will ask that you leave.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, ask me questions. The best way you can help yourselves in your endeavors is by asking me questions in order to clear up confusion. I will be here to give you feedback as well, but you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask!

I wish you the best of luck, and for those of you that successfully clear your No Marks, have a fantastic summer!

-Mr. Simmons