70 years without Food and Water

Prahlad Jani
Prahlad Jani is one of the famous yogi who claims to have spent 70 years without food and water . He says that he left his home at young age of 7 and after a year he was blessed by goddess.
Scientists tried to know more about him and they asked him for a detailed test. The test lasted for 3 weeks. The room was kept in close watch with 2 Video cameras. 35 scientists were behind this process. 
Picture taken during the test.

Immortal Yogi- Babaji

 Babaji began his spiritual studies at a very young age from sages and gurus. After being orphaned he was sold into slavery.he was then freed by a wealthy and kind trader. Babaji means "Revered father" in east. The young sage after his studies with powerful guru attained immortality at the age of 16.

His body was filled with light during the practice. He was born on November 29th 203 A.D. People have seen him with a small group of disciples. Sometime he also appear in dreams to provide spiritual knowledge and ask them to be spiritual. Babaji can appear at any time in any place.
Babaji and Kriya Yoga
Siddha Patanjali refers Kriya yoga as one of the famous "Yoga Sutra". Patanjali wrote his text of yoga about 3 A.D. babaji added few more contents to this(like tantra,kundalani etc..).

Babaji showed 144 kriyas at his ashram near Badrinath, in the Garwhal Himalayas for around 6 months which was then later known by babaji's kriya yoga.

 Fire Yogi- Rambhauswami 

fire yogi
 Rambhauswami also known as Fire Yogi performs rituals in Tanjore temple in south India-Tamil Nadu.

Tanjore was the capital of chola kings. This temple was build 1000 years ago.

It is recognized by UN as a world heritage monument

Rambhauswami is 63 year old, 5.3 feet and weigh 43kg.

He performs miracles which can’t be explained by scientists.

 He is not performing these rituals for any commercial gain or for performance. It’s only for global prosperity.

Rambhauswami lived a simple life. His favorite god is Lord Ganesha. His guru Sri Rama Nandendra Saraswati was also famous and passed his legacy to Rambhauswami. Rambhauswami consumes only 2 bananas and a glass of milk. He stopped drinking water since 1975.He sleeps 3 hr a day and yet very fresh and active.

He has performed fire ritual is Malaysia. He feels happy when others are benefited. When he performs ritual he doesn’t speak but only communicate through sign language. He spends his life to god and guru. He was eager to explore new things. He is also a Sanskrit scholar. He is master of kriya yoga. 

 Fire rituals shown in the photos are for the global prosperity. These kinds of rituals are followed since ancient times in India. The fire ritual is real.
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