Welcome to the Hellenistic Bibliography
a bibliography on post-classical Greek poetry and its influence
All pages updated July 2012

This site provides bibliographies on post-classical Greek poets and their influence, compiled from a database containing ca. 20,500 records. It is organized under the following rubrics:
  • Hellenistic Poets – active between ca. 323 and 31 BCE
  • Imperial Greek Poets – active between ca. 31 BCE and the 6th century CE
  • Pre-Hellenistic poets – the influence of Archaic and Classical poets on later Greek poetry
  • Latin Poets – focusing on their connections with post-classical Greek poetry
  • History – focusing on the Hellenistic Period and Empire (under construction)
  • Epigrammatists – spanning the Hellenistic period and the Empire
  • Publications 2006-2010 – all recent publications listed by year, with index terms
  • Additions – publications added to the database after 15th January 2011
Compiled and maintained by: Martine Cuypers, Trinity College Dublin
Please send additions and corrections to: cuypersm@tcd.ie

What’s New?
  • July 2012: 650 records added; new pages for Aristophanes, Orphic Hymns, Ovid Recent
  • January 2011: 500 records added.
  • July 2010: the bibliography moved from the University of Leiden to Google Sites; many new pages were added, some of the History sections removed.