Imperial Poets

This section contains bibliographies on poets of the period 31 BCE – 6th century CE:
  • Colluthus (Rape of Helen)
  • Dionysius Periegetes (Periegesis oikoumenes)
  • Eudocia (Homerocentones)
  • Musaeus (Hero and Leander)
  • Nonnus (Dionysiaca, Paraphrase of the Gospel of John)
  • Oppiani (Halieutica, Cynegetica)
  • Orphic Poems (Argonautica, Lithica, Hymns)
  • Parthenius (Erotika pathemata and fragments)
  • Ps.-Scymnus (Circumnavigation of the Earth)
  • Quintus of Smyrna (Posthomerica)
  • Triphiodorus (Sack of Troy)
Please note that Imperial epigram is included under Epigrammatists.

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