Whit Monday 2017

Once again the weather was kind to us on Whit Monday evening.

Having been unable to persuade any other sides to join us this year we danced the tour by ourselves!

Terry Phipps joined us again, but this was probably his last dancing appearance with the side as he is 'retiring' from dancing. He gave a spirited performance of Shepherd's Hey Jig during the last stand of the evening, outside of The Mason's, and followed up with a short 'farewell' speech, thanking the side for many happy years of Morris dancing and wishing us all well for the future.

I am sure we also wish him well and a well earned rest!

As this was in Quarry, Pete Scudder joined John Graham to provide the music, for which we were very grateful.

It was also good to see Steve Parker again and I am sure he was pleased to join in with one of the dances, even though he was not in HQMD kit!

Altogether it was another successful evening's dancing, and was well appreciated by our loyal audience.

Whit Monday 2017