Holy Trinity Church Fete 2018

With the weather in our favour, the church house area was full of people young and old. All participating in the selling, buying gifts, games, book stalls, tea, coffee, cakes and raffle tickets.

This year,there was no HORSE to guess the name of. The owner of the horse had to go away, and the horse would not allow anyone to lead him to the Fete.

It was unusual to have in our presence a film crew working for an Arena programme. It was nice they chose to go all around filming the attending crowd and Morris Dancers.

We danced for sometime to the music of John Graham, and Peter Scudder, (who very often get very little recognition). We also allowed some of the toddlers to use the Morris sticks to achieve, "Their own Morris dance.

A good amount of stalls kept everyone enthused. The filming and interviews with some of the older generation seemed to be popular and amusing.

The Fete continued, as the Morris side departed, to cool down. We do hope everything was a success.

(Report - Alan Kimber-Knickleson)

(Photos - Martin Tennant)

Follow this link to see more photos;https://photos.app.goo.gl/Tu0ub9VrAHqZqStA3