FreeFest 2018

With the tremendous heatwave continuing, Freefest drew crowds of people to the fun filled grounds of Freeland school. The site of the Fete was large and well organised. The Fete incorporated, a bouncy castle, a bouncy slide, show stands, events and sales, joy rides, food and drink stalls, and a bar.A good collection of Morris Dancers turned out for this event, and were assisted by our usual musicians. The Morris was applauded for their dance and fading energy, in the HOT climate.

Mums, Dads, and children were encouraged to form a snake, and weave their way into a circle and finish off with an arrangement of Circassian circle. We understand there was a concert that went on till late in the evening.

(Photo - Chris Kimber-Knickleson)

We all managed to have some form of drink to cool ourselves down,(not necessarily Beer!).

(Alan Kimber-Knickleson)

We did one set at the Freeland School FreeFest which was a lovely festival with excellent looking food and drink. We had seven members of the side which is always nice, and danced a number of our more traditional dances including Bean Setting, Trunkles, Hunt The Squirrel and Morris off. We concluded our stand with a circle dance for everyone which Alan led. The organisers were very pleased we were able to dance and everyone had a good time.

(Tom McCosker)

(photo also TOM)

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