Morris Dance Database

Extract from the Morris Ring Newsletter No 115 September 2019

The morris dance database, officially set up early in 2018 and now sponsored both by the Federation and the Ring, aims to bring together in one place a comprehensive point of reference for all morris sides and all the dances they perform. Notation is not published but it is intended to add a facility to direct enquiries to the appropriate website, published source or side - or indicate that notation is withheld if a club so wishes.

Details to be entered can be sent to myself (at, the webmaster (see Contacts on home page of the website) or, preferably, sides can add and edit their own data, and thus keep the information up to date.

I have been asked on various occasions about the purpose and rationale of this website. When Cecil Sharp began his quest, in the early years of the 20th Century, to record what remained of the morris dancing traditions in this country, it was evident that some dances had been lost from the memory of those informants that he, Mary Neal and other collectors managed to track down, not to mention others that may have existed but were lost without trace. For several decades the repertoire of morris sides was largely based on the dances that had been collected.

The following link will take you to the record for Headington Quarry Morris Dancers;