This year Stonesfield Folk Dance Club held their 44th Stonesfield Folk Dance weekendover the weekend of 10th - 12th June.

Through the inspiration of Doctors David and Katherine Wright of Litchfield, and working in collaboration with Des Thompson, Stewart Nicholls and the Stonesfield committee it was decided that a special feature in celebration of the life of Oxford's William Kimber, who inspired the work of Cecil Sharp who led the revival in English Folk Dancing and music at the start of the 20th Century would be included.

John Graham succeeded William Kimber in being the accordionist for Headington Quarry Morris.

Doctor Katherine Wright opened the celebration and explained to everyone the meeting of William Kimber and Mr Cecil Sharp, and how their relationship flourished. Bill Kimber always insisted he was meeting Mr Sharp.

A cassette tape recording made in 1957 was played. Predominenly this contained talking, dancing and playing muisc, and other folk enthusiasts at the original recording.

Following this, Peter Scudder played the famous 'Jeffries' Anglo Concertina that was presented to Bill in Steinway Hall London. Peter played the Morris Tunes 'Bean Setting' and 'Constant Billy' This mimicked the playing of the tunes on the cassette. Peter encompassed the style and vigour of Bills playing and this was much appreciated by the festival audience.

William's Grand-daughter Julie Kimber-Nickelson then gave a clear account of the interesting Kimber family history, supported by a twenty minute film.

Alan Kimber-Nickelson then sang two of William's favourite songs - Blue Eyed Maid and Buttercup Joe, accompanied by John Graham on accordion.

John Graham also gave an accurate account of the history of the concertinas held and played by Bill Kimber. John was presented with a certificate celebrating his lifelong contribution to the Morris and to English Country Dance

Peter Scudder then played the music for Alan and Christopher Kimber-Nickelson to dance the jig Old Mother Oxford together.

Rounding off the session Dave Townsend, John Graham, Peter Scudder and Peter Moran played for the two well known dances associated with Headington Quarry - Over The Hills to Glory and Double Lead Through, with everyone joining in the dancing.

Headington Quarry Morris Dancers would like to thank everyone involved, and many thanks must go to Doctors David and Katherine Wright for the conception of the idea, and also Des Stewart and the Stonesfield Committee.

(Article submitted my Alan Kimber-Nickeson, with thanks.)