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Preferred retailers

  Yellow Moon
We have recently renewed our fundraising code with Yellow Moon – the art, craft and toy providers. This will enable us to raise additional funds for Happy Hours. The good news is that you don’t have to put your hand in your pocket to give us any extra money!

All you have to do is buy some of the fun, educational products and great value toys – good for keeping little ones occupied in the holidays, joining in all the summer celebrations, filling party bags and even getting started on Christmas stocking fillers.  Happy Hours will receive up to 20% cash-back on everything you buy.

Place your order online
Place your order with Yellow Moon online –  Input the unique source code SHA1997 to ensure Happy Hours earns up to 20% cash-back on your purchases. Yellow Moon will send your order direct to your home!

Spend and Raise

By simply clicking on  to search for a link to your regular on-line retailers, a donation based on what you’ve spent at that retailers on that visit will be given to Happy Hours.  There are hundreds of retailers listed so please take a look.
Go to  for your personalised labels for children’s clothing and equipment. Every time you buy and give the School ID code 44433, My Name Tag will donate money towards Happy Hours Pre-School. A great way to raise funds and ensure that clothing, hats, water bottles and lunchboxes will not get lost!