Sara Ouellette Knelman
HA&L Biographical Sketch for contributor Sara Ouellette Knelman

        Sara Ouellette Knelman is the Curator of Contemporary Art at the Art Gallery of Hamilton. This is not her pen name, and actually means “beautiful painter of watercolours and inventor.” Ok, that’s a lie but it’s not far off: “princess of the crown, eye of the stream, seeker of knowledge.” She is thinking about having this engraved as a personal crest, or at least printed on a t-shirt. She was recently told by a fellow Sara-without-an-“h” that the letter H represents god, and so she is in fact  a godless Sara. She wonders if this applies to all people with names without Hs in them, or only to Saras. She is not Hamilton-born (yes, Toronto)  and so does not really mind that a Starbucks is moving in on her street, but she’s been here long enough now to wonder if she should.

She has never been in a movie but once when she was a teenager  there was one filmed in her house and Ricky Schroder (of Silver Spoons / NYPD Blue, starring then as a man whose mother kills his wife – it was made for TV) left her a Polaroid of him with her stuffed animals. That is happily as close to fame as she plans to get.

Now enjoy Sara Ouellette Knelman's “The first movie star" was born here

[This HA&L biographical sketch and introduction © 2008 SOK.]