Judi Burgess

HA&L Biographical Sketch for contributor Judi Burgess

    Above all, Judi Burgess is a painter. She uses symbolism, illusionism, and design in her works, evoking an air of contemplative mysticism. Most recently, animal imagery has become a central focus of the work, influenced by an interest in both early Renaissance art and early North American folk art. Often Burgess utilizes found furniture or functional wooden objects as a foundation for her artwork, their form and/or function sometimes informing the ensuing visual story.  

An Honours graduate of McMaster University (1986), Judi Burgess has exhibited widely. Recent shows include Domestica, a three-person exhibition at Burlington Art Centre curated by Dawn White-Beatty
(2006), and Old from New, a solo exhibition at Locke Street’s Transit Gallery (2006). For years, Burgess worked as an arts administrator at the Carnegie Gallery in Dundas, and then at Hamilton Artists Inc. Currently, Burgess teaches/facilitates various art programmes, including Artists at the Centre, after-school art programmes,  and a street-involved youth mural (2008). Burgess continues her art practice; exhibiting in galleries and creating privately commissioned art pieces.

Read the article from the 14 December 2006 Toronto Star here: www.thestar.com/article/145090

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