A Statue Misconstrued

an Editorial Corruption 


   Queen Victoria's Statue, Gore Park


The Image, A Statue Misconstrued, is here captioned as Queen Victoria's Statue, Gore Park. The image in fact depicts the Monument to Workers Injured and Killed on the Job, executed in bronze by sculptor Paul Cvetich, and installed at the corner of Main and Bay streets, April of 1990.

The work has become a focal point for organized labour in the city.

The Queen Victoria statue, unveiled in 1908, was not the work of Paul Cvetich.

†Local newspapers reported the sculptor’s name as Philippe Hebert. The sculptor was christened Louis-Philippe Hébert, but usually went by the name Philippe Hébert. The Hamilton sculpture of Queen Victoria is signed “Philippe Hébert.” [Colin S. MacDonald, A Dictionary of Canadian Artists, Vol. 2, 1989, p. 411.]

The caption should read: This is not Queen Victoria's Statue in Gore Park.

issue two 2009