Contributors  [Ci*pher*ists]

Their like shall not pass this way again. The directions were not adequate. The vehicle lacked fuel.

Michael Allgoewer
David Cohen
Mark Mavrinac
Sara Knelman
Caroline Moran
Kåthe von Nagy
J. S. Porter
Samuel Isaac Robinson
Peter Stevens
Robert Clark Yates & Jim Chambers
John  C. Weaver
Kim Neudorf

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What to do about 2-1?
"The first movie star" was born here
The Piper at the Gates
Calculating Truth & Beauty
Muriel Rukeyser: In each word, a storm
Pantless Percy and the Good Life
Visual Aid
An Introduction to the Sculpture of George Wallace
Gore Park as Urban Artifact
The Romantic Grotesque in the work of Lauren Mikols and Elaine Cameron-Weir
A Statue Misconstrued          For Richard

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