Robert Clark Yates

HA&L Biographical Sketch for contributor Robert Clark Yates 

        Robert Clark Yates is an artist living in Hamilton.  Primarily a visual artist, he also writes and makes music.  He has written introductions to visual arts exhibitions or catalogues for the Art Gallery of Hamilton, the Burlington Art Centre, Hamilton Artists Inc, the Moore Gallery,  John B. Aird Gallery, Spectator Gallery, Carnegie Gallery, Broadway Gallery, Blue Angel Gallery and you me gallery.   Local publications in which his poetry, short stories or essays on social issues have appeared include Arts Beat, Broadway Magazine, Canadian Voices, Golden Horseshoe Anthology, Hamilton Cue Magazine, the Hamilton Spectator, Hammered Out, Kairos, Northword, Now See Here, Pan, the Silhouette, Ta Panta, This I Believe, Walking Alone, Weave and Spin, Workers’ Arts & Heritage Museum’s Worklines, and more.  His books, The Blind and other poems, My Eye, Two Sides of a Centre and Angel Droppings, can be borrowed from the Hamilton Public Library.  His paintings, drawings and sculptures are exhibited regularly in local galleries.

        George Wallace was a professor of Fine Arts at McMaster University. He is largely responsible for McMaster's famous world-class collection of German Expressionist prints. He is now retired, but as a teacher and an active artist he had a profound influence on a few generations of young Hamilton artists. His marvellous welded creations, which were made in his garage-studio in Dundas, can be seen locally at McMaster, the Art Gallery of Hamilton, Mohawk College, the Jewish Community Centre, and several private collections. In the arts community he is well known locally but deserves national recognition.

Now enjoy An Introduction to the Sculpture of George Wallace by Robert Clark Yates. 

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