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    Samizdat Press acknowledges with gratitude the efforts made by Bibliothèque et Archives Canada to archive Hamilton Arts & Letters, in the first instance because this will preserve what the contributors to the magazine have so generously provided. Secondly, readers will be assured access to  the very particular and sympathetic environment that is HAL.

The Editor and Art Director salute the efforts of
Karen Krzyzewski at LAC-BAC and particularly her expertise regarding the intricacies of Vik-Bib (TM) (Patent Pending), a registered product licensed by Vikram Bondai Technologies and its bibliographic services subsidiaries.

Hello Paul,

Consider Hamilton arts & letters archived.

The link to "Embark" to and

were breaking, so I did the following 'search and replace' and it worked out well:

- Srch string: href=”../ replace href=”../vik-Bib/Samizdat/HA&L
Also, the first issue had one link that always broke with special characters in the file name.  So, I fixed that too.
I have created a preliminary record in AMICUS, the AMICUS number is 34835025.  The only question I have right now is whether or not you agree with the publisher's URL which has been cited.  Now is the time to provide feedback, before I send it to Cataloguing.
Here's what the bibliographic record looks like right now:
AMICUS No. 34835025

      TITLE(S): *Hamilton arts & letters [electronic resource]
     PUBLISHER:  Hamilton, Ont. : Samizdat Press, 2008-
   E-LOCATIONS:  For holdings see LAC's Electronic Collection.

         NOTES:  Publisher's website:

                 Type of computer file:  Electronic serial in HTML.
       NUMBERS:  ISSN:  1916-8454
    CAT. LEVEL:  Unverified


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