Paul Lisson


        The Editor is most grateful to all those who have so kindly helped in the production of this issue, especially to the contributors and to all others who have generously allowed pictures and MSS. to be reproduced.

Samizdat Press insisted that HA&L trust its readers. Essentially they said: Не опубликуйте фекалии, or something to that effect. This advice has been adhered to. We have tried to build a sympathetic environment, without distractions, where reading and seeing is valued and unhurried.

My long held sense was that there existed writers and writing of a particular sort in Hamilton and elsewhere that could contribute to such an environment, but had no rallying point. Samizdat suggested this outlet as an experiment and test. If HA&L passes the test, there will be a second issue, and the chance of appearing according to a predictable schedule thereafter. Be assured that between now and then, HA&L will be updated. Here you will continue to find the ethos of a place, from which to infer something of all places.

Thanks also to Fiona Kinsella for technical advice and assistance in transferring HA&L to the web -- success in that regard can be attributed to her, shortcomings to me. Thanks to Jason Avery, and to the Ephemerists.

I hope your experience of what you find here is unique and satisfying, in which case, please share that experience.

Paul Lisson

Hamilton Arts & Letters
ISSN 1916-8454

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September of 2008, Paul Lisson  exhibition in Budapest with Fiona Kinsella at the:

    As well as a reading from

    A selection from the cycle of poems THE PERFECT aRCHIVE appears in the Fall 2008 issue of the Beloit Poetry Journal: