HA&L                                                                                                                              issue one.2  20o8

The Nail Factory

Assertion I
Objects have disappeared.
Assertion II
It used to be that the numerical series began with 2. One is not a number. One is the first and sole perfection. The first quantity, the first number, and the first departure from perfection is 2.
From The Eleven Assertions of Daniil Ivanovich Kharms

Hamilton Arts & Letters
ISSN 1916-8454

Paul Ropel-Morski and his Big Sky Paintings. Words: John Kinsella

Briefing: SoundPoetryMusic
 by Endre Szkárosi

Farewell Greg Rennick

Frank Kerr, Frankie Venom & Teenage Head -a short corruption

Bibliomania 2 [2]
 by Mark Mavrinac

Howell Lithographic Company and
Mister Harry Marshall
  of Mount  Hope

otobe ing/land
 by Robert Oldham

My Roots
 by Tim Gibbons

Bibliothèque et Archives Canada

Wim Wenders

Shakespeare & Company, Paris

The Nail Factory
 by Peter Stevens

Edited by Paul Lisson
Art Director: Peter Stevens