Sandhills Softball Spring Meeting - Monday, April 4 @ 8pm - Zoom Meeting

Please email Tracey Stenson at to register for the meeting.

Scheduling Meeting - TBD


Maximum run rule for U8, U10, U12 is - (5) per inning

Maximum run rule for U14, U16, U19 is - (7) per inning

U14 Pitching Rule:

The maximum number of innings a U14 pitcher can pitch is 4 innings. If they throw one pitch, this constitutes an inning.

As long as the pitcher in question started the game, they can re-enter if they have not reached their 4 inning maximum.

The Scheduling meeting for the Sandhills Softball League will be:


Gull Lake Small Hall (south side of Rec Complex)

This will be the scheduling meeting for U10, U12, U14 and U16 to schedule their games. Teams must provide a scheduler for the meeting or that team will not be included in the league.

COACHES MUST COME WITH A CALENDAR OF AVAILABLE HOME GAME DATES FOR THEIR DIVISION. If a community shares diamonds and times, you must divide this up prior to the meeting. The divisions will not be far from each other while scheduling if sharing needs to take place because a team is stuck.

All games will start at 6:30pm on weeknights.

Please bring any questions/concerns to be discussed such as rule changes, etc. There will be a meeting coordinator leading the group and they will mediate/record any discussion.

All contact information/schedules will be posted on GLAA website following the meeting.

Each team must complete their schedule form that they will be given that night and hand in to the meeting coordinator prior to leaving the meeting.

The Sandhills Softball League involves the organization of a Softball league in Southwest Saskatchewan. At present, the following communities are involved:

Gull Lake


Fox Valley



Maple Creek


Swift Current


If you would like to become part of the league, please contact the Executive.

2022 League Fees - $??/team

Please send fee to:

Sandhills Softball League

Box 231

Gull Lake, SK

S0N 1A0