***Coaches are responsible to line up umpires for their games. Coaches will then submit the umpire's name(s) to Karen Bye who will issue payment once a month.

Umpire List

Kent Stenson 672-7059

Dayne Stenson 413-0022

Blake Barsness 672-7187

Lance Allen 672-7545

Felix Temoshawsky 671-8383

Dennis Leahy 672-7619

Travis Benjamin 671-7424

Brendan Jones 671-7081

Ian Fiddler

Tyler Myers

Anthony Lamarre

Daylan Radtke

Ritchie Bleau 671-7421

***If you are interested in umping baseball or softball, please contact to be added to the list.

Umpire Rates

Midget Home plate $40 Base ump - $30

Bantam Home plate $35 Base ump - $25

Pee Wee Home plate $30 Base ump - $20

Mosquito/Squirt Home plate $25 Base ump - $15