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September 2014


1.                  GLAA


a)      The Gull Lake Athletic Association operates under the guidance and direction of the Gull Lake and District Complex Association.

b)      The Gull Lake Athletic Association is responsible for the overall operation of the following groups that operate under its direction:

a.       Gull Lake Minor Hockey

b.      Gull Lake Minor Baseball


2.                  EXPECTATIONS


a)      The Gull Lake Athletic Association expects all of its participants to display good sportsmanship while taking part in their respective sporting events.

b)      The Gull Lake Athletic Association endorses and recommends that all of its participants be given an equal amount of playing time in their chosen sport.

c)      The Gull Lake Athletic Association will not condone or tolerate any obnoxious, rude or abnormal behavior of its participants.


3.                  EXECUTIVE


a)      The Gull Lake Athletic Association shall have Executive Officers consisting of the following positions:

a.       President

b.      Past President – Rink Board Liason

c.       First Vice President

d.      Second Vice President

e.       Secretary

f.       Treasurer

b)      The Executive of Officers may be referred to as the Executive.

c)      All terms of office are to run for a term of one year commencing in September of the year elected or appointed by acclamation and are to run until September of the following year.

d)     Any Executive position may be filled by acclamation.

e)      The positions of President, First Vice President and Second Vice President shall rotate through, meaning that the President will serve his term and then the First Vice President will become President and the Second Vice President will be First Vice President and so on. This will require the election of Second Vice President each and every year.

f)       All policy decisions or motions will be voted on by the Governing Body. Each team or group does not have to have representation present at a meeting for a policy decision or motion to be valid. All policy decisions or motions will be decided by a majority vote. The voting may be done by a show of hands or by any other way that is acceptable to the Executive.

g)      All participants in the various groups that operate under the umbrella organization referred to as the Gull Lake Athletic Association do so at the discretion of the Executive of the Gull Lake Athletic Association.

h)      The Executive as a group shall be responsible for the orderly running of the various sports groups operating under its control and as such settle disputes between team/group, officials, parents and players/participants.

i)        Any decision taken by the Executive under sections 3 (g) and 3 (h) of this Constitution may be appealed to the Governing Body for a final decision which is binding on all parties.

j)        The Executive may appoint Committees to work under its direction.

k)      The President or his delegate will only vote to break a tied vote. All other Executive officers may vote.

l)        The Equipment Committee is responsible for keeping an inventory record of all equipment on hand and lent out.

m)    The Gull Lake Athletic Association will have one of its appointed members present at the Gull Lake and District Recreation Complex Committee meetings.


4.                  ANNUAL MEETING


a)      The Gull Lake Athletic Association shall hold an Annual meeting in September of each year and throughout the rest of the year meetings shall be held as required. The dates of these meetings will be set by the Executive and they will be advertised. All meetings are open to the general public.

b)      All executive positions open for election will be filled at the Annual Meeting by which the general public shall by vote indicate their choice for each position.

c)      The Annual Meeting will be run in the following format:

a.       The outgoing Executive will go through and discuss any remaining business left from the previous year.

b.      The general public in attendance at the Annual Meeting will then proceed to hold elections to fill the outgoing Executive positions.

c.       The new Executive will then poll the members of the general public in attendance for team officials for the new year. These team officials will then be confirmed in their position by the Gull Lake Athletic Association at a later date. They will, however, for the purposes of the annual meeting be allowed to vote as part of the Governing Body.

d.      Each team or group mentioned in this Constitution will then appoint one representative from its team or group to be part of the Governing Body for this Association.

e.       The representatives of the baseball teams do not have to sit on the Governing Body until the first spring meeting prior to the baseball season. If necessary, these representatives will be appointed at this meeting.

f.       The new Executive and Governing Body will then ask the people in attendance at the Annual Meeting if there are any Constitutional Amendments. If there are any Amendments to vote on, after a period of discussion, the President or his delegate will ask for a vote from the Governing Body. For an Amendment to become part of this Constitution it must pass by a majority vote of the Governing Body at an Annual Meeting. The President or his delegate will only vote in the case of a tie.

g.      The new Executive will then call the meeting to order and proceed to deal with the new business.

h.      The Governing Body will be made up of the Executive and the representatives as noted above.

i.        The Gull Lake Athletic Association will keep minutes of its meetings and such minutes will be kept for a period of 20 years.


5.                  FINANCIAL


a)      The Gull Lake Athletic Association shall keep and maintain financial records and such records shall be audited by an independent person/firm once every calendar year.

b)      The cashing of cheques or making withdrawals on the Gull Lake Athletic Association bank accounts requires the signature of either the President or Vice President and the Treasurer.

c)      The Gull Lake Athletic Association will keep its financial records for a period of 6 years.

d)     The Secretary/Treasurer shall be paid $50.00 per month.


6.                  TEAMS/GROUPS


a)      Minor hockey teams operating in what is referred to as non-contact hockey shall take part in Minor Hockey Day. Hockey teams will be allowed to hold one tournament each season.

b)      Nothing in this Constitution shall prevent any team or group from holding raffles, pools or other similar type activities to raise money for themselves as long as such activities are in good taste.

c)      All teams or groups mentioned under this Constitution shall keep the Executive aware of any upcoming events.

d)     Each team or group shall appoint a person to release its news to the press. Such releases will be in good taste and shall not openly criticize any player, team official, referee, linesman or other official.

e)      If required by a sports governing body; e.g. the SHA, to provide a tournament committee or person responsible for deciding a suspension or settling a dispute that has arisen out of a sporting event, the Executive or person appointed by the Executive shall handle such matters.

f)       Each team or group mentioned in this Constitution shall hold meetings with the parents and participants of their group and shall, as a group, decide what their objectives are for the upcoming season.

g)      All hockey and baseball games will be held under the sanction of each governing body.

h)      Each team or group is responsible for getting its own permits or permission to go out of province to play if permission or permit is required by each team or groups sanctioning body.

i)        The Gull Lake Athletic Association will pay the team registration fee to the SHA, for its hockey teams and will pay any related fee required by its baseball teams and figure skaters.

j)        Only Registered Officials will be used to officiate in any exhibition, league or tournament play that is being held by a team operating under this Constitution.

k)      If the registration fee has not been paid the participant concerned is not allowed to take part in any Gull Lake Athletic Association sponsored event.

l)        It will be the responsibility of the team officials to ensure that all their team members are wearing the protective equipment that is mandatory for their particular sport. This applies at all practices or games.

m)    The Gull Lake Athletic Association will pay the insurance coverage for the Gull Lake Athletic Association Executive.

n)      All participants in Minor Hockey or Minor Ball must be registered on their proper team according to their ages as set down by each groups Governing Body. This will not prevent these participants from playing up in the higher age group.

o)      Teams or groups are responsible for their own telephone bills.

p)      The Governing Body will have the final say in what crest or uniform color is appropriate.

q)      The Gull Lake and District Recreation Complex Committee will determine the gate split percentage that the Gull Lake Athletic Association will receive when any of its groups are charging admission or team entrance fees at their games, including tournaments or exhibition games.

r)       Any team or group holding tournaments or exhibition games or league games or other events where admission is charged or team entrance fees are taken shall provide the Gull Lake Athletic Association with a financial statement at the conclusion of such an event.

s)       Any team or group charging fees or admission as noted in (s) will be responsible for paying the costs of any awards, the cost of officials, the costs of advertising and any other reasonable costs incurred in running the tournament or event.

t)       In the event that there are two or more teams in one division, that division will still only be allowed one tournament each season.

u)      The Executive reserves the right to decide the suitability of anybody to act as a team official. Their decision is appealable to the Governing Body as mentioned in 3(i) of this Constitution.

v)      The Governing Body will decide how teams are to be split if there are too many players for one age group.


This Constitution comes into effect when it is passed by the Governing Body at a Monthly meeting of the Gull Lake Athletic Association, and thereafter may only be amended as shown under this Constitution.


This Constitution was approved on the 24th day of September, 2014, at Gull Lake in the Province of Saskatchewan.


President – Wayne Kobley               Secretary – Tracey Stenson