Gull Lake Referee Clinics 2020

Good morning Officiating Clinic Contacts and Minor Hockey Association Reps.

I just wanted to reach out and give you an update as to the current plan for officiating clinics for the 2020-21 hockey season. As you know Covid-19 has made making a plan and booking events difficult, but the SHA Officiating Development Program has a plan in place to deliver the clinic information to officials of all levels for next season.

We had scheduled about half of the planned clinics back in March and April and had sent out proposed dates that have been approved. Since then, we have made the decision to cancel the in-person classroom clinics this season and will be delivering the information through a combination of online modules, webinars and skating sessions to certify all officials. Those who have booked facilities for the classroom portion of the clinics can cancel those bookings.

Some of the reasons for this decision is the uncertainty of social distance and health and sanitizing requirements as well as less opportunities and some difficulties for outside groups to rent classroom facilities that are required.

For your information the plan moving forward for registration and certification for each level of official is as follows:

Junior Officials (11-14 years old): Officials will complete the Hockey University Modules Online like they have in the past. There may be an additional course for Covid-19 requirements that Hockey Canada is putting together. Following the completion of the registration on the SHA website and the online modules these officials will have the opportunity to register for a 2-hour webinar with their peers working the same levels of hockey. After that, we will require these officials to get to an on-ice session, which we will need your help in the future booking ice in your communities for as we will send out instructors. After the on-ice session they will be certified and good to go for the season.

Junior Officials (15-17 years old): Officials will complete the newly designed online modules through the moodle website; similar to the senior officials in the past. They will sign up for a webinar as well. We also plan to have them attend an on-ice session separate from the beginner group of junior officials to complete their certification.

Senior Officials (18+ years old): Officials will once again register and complete the online modules and exam through moodle online. These modules will be more extensive than in the past. Following the completion of the online modules they will be required to sign up to participate in a webinar.

Thanks for your understanding of the changes that have been put forward for this season. To summarize the classroom clinics that have been booked are cancelled and ice sessions may have to be moved from their original dates based on the schedule and timeline that is still uncertain. But more information will be provided once we get more direction for the provincial government.

Also as a note you may have seen the information sent out about the Hockey Officiating 20L course that is an option for certification as well for high school students or those who want to audit the class and gain their registration through that stream as well. The information can also be found on the SHA website for this as well.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Trent Cey at or check the SHA website for updates. Thanks and enjoy the rest of you summer.

Contact Kent Stenson 672-7059 for more information about becoming a referee in Gull Lake.

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