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Gull Lake Referee Clinic 
Contact Kent Stenson 672-7059 for more information about becoming a referee in Gull Lake.

Hello SHA Officials and Clinic coordinators,

The 2015-2016 hockey season is kicking off and Officiating Clinics are about to begin.  This is just a reminder of a registration process change from previous years.  We want everyone to be aware of this new change so that we don’t have officials turned away from the clinic.

 Beginning this season, officials MUST complete the online modules AND online payment PRIOR to attending a classroom clinic and must BRING PROOF to the clinic of completing these important steps.  At the end of both online steps there will be both a receipt (for payment) and a certificate (for modules).  Officials can either print and bring these to the clinic, or they can take a picture of a computer screenshot and bring that on their smartphone.  Without both of these proofs, officials will not be allowed to attend the classroom clinic and complete their certification.  Officials will be able to attend a different classroom clinic provided they are able to produce the proof at that time.

 Below are a number of links to documents that will assist you with any questions you might have regarding classroom clinics and online registration/modules/payment.  The SHA Referees website is also a helpful tool that will help you find out what you are looking for.



http://sha.sk.ca/images/referees/Clinics/2015-2016/HU_Online_Modules.pdf  (Juniors, Level 1-2)

http://sha.sk.ca/images/referees/Clinics/2015-2016/Moodle_Instructions.pdf  (Seniors, Level 3-6)




 You can also contact myself or Stuart Smith (contact info below) if you there is something that we can help you with.

 Here’s to a great hockey season!

 Chad Foreman                                                                  Stuart Smith

Zone 3 Coordinator (East)                                            Zone 3 Coordinator (West)