To become Safe Places certified, you need:

1. a copy of your CURRENT (within the past 3 years) Respect in Sport certificate. You can obtain this certification here (among other places): Saskatchewan Hockey Association or Sask Baseball (free if you are involved with either of these 2 associations)

***NOTE: if your RiS certificate is from SHA or SaskSport and is older than 1 year, you can import your certificate to the City of Swift Current site: This gives you a new certificate date of 3 years from the import date so you don't have to take the course again.

***YOU MUST SHOW THIS NEW DATE. 2 ways of doing this:

i) you can include a copy of your old SHA/SaskSport certificate and write a note saying you imported your certificate on whatever date you did it.

ii) when you log into the SC site, your profile page should show your new expiry date for your RiS (top right corner of the screen). Print the screen (actually select "print screen"-- if you import your old certificate and print the certificate, it will still show your old date. If you print the screen, your import date will show.)

2. a copy of your CURRENT (within the past 3 mos) criminal record/vulnerable sector check. If you get this done in either GL or SC, you can mention it is for Safe Places and they will know what's up.

3. a Safe Places application form (attached or available as a hard copy at the Town office). Fill out the first page only.

4. 2 pieces of ID, with at least 1 being photo ID. These can be copied at the Town office, so just bring them in.

Turn this all in to Sara at the Town Office.

safe places application form (1).pdf