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Minor Ball Registration

March 23 -April 1, 2024 

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GLAA - Gull Lake Athletic Association



The Gull Lake Athletic Association (GLAA) is the governing body of Minor Hockey and Minor Ball in Gull Lake, Saskatchewan.

The GLAA is there to lead, promote and provide opportunities for athletes to participate in both hockey and ball in our community. 

Feedback to GLAA

Please send any feedback for GLAA to glathleticassociation@gmail.com

All feedback/concerns must be presented in an email or written form.

The Gull Lake Rink Board rates:

Minor hockey: $110/hr

Senior Practice: $110/hr

Adult Rec: $110/hr

Private: $110/hr

Senior competitive game: $170/hr

Out-of-town practice: $160/hr

Out-of-town game: $210/hr

Skating club: $90/hr

Early am and Sunday before noon: $50/hr