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GLAA - Gull Lake Athletic Association
The Gull Lake Athletic Association (GLAA) is the governing body of Minor Hockey and Minor Ball in Gull Lake, Saskatchewan.
The GLAA is there to lead, promote and provide opportunities for athletes to participate in both hockey and ball in our community. 
Minor Ball Registration 2017
Online registration will be March 15 - March 31, 2017.

GLAA Coaches Meeting (Hockey/Minor Ball)
Wednesday, April 12, 2017 @ 7pm
Gull Lake Rec Complex

2016/17 Minor Hockey Fees

The Gull Lake Rink Board rates:

Minor hockey (GLAA): $55/hr

Gull Lake Figure Skating Club: $55/hr

Senior rec teams: $55/hr

Greyhounds: $55/hr for practice; $120/hr for games

In-town rentals: $55/hr

Out-of-town rentals: $100/hr for practice; $150/hr for game

Early morning: $20/hr

This rental fee eliminates the season pass. Each user will now pay 1 fee as outlined by their respective organization. Each organization will then pay rental fees to the Rink Board. For example, if your child is playing hockey, you will pay 1 fee to GLAA for minor hockey. The GLAA will then pay the ice rental fee to the Rink Board.

Please contact Sara Kuntz with questions or concerns at gl.recdirector@sasktel.net