One of the haiku arts is creating sequences. They might be narrative, all on a theme, or have some particular creative constraint or central idea. Here are a few of my haiku sequences, plus a tanka sequence or two for good measure. For collaborative thematic poetry, see also the Rengay page, or visit the Collaborations page for selections of symbiotic poetry.
After the Fall (four haiku)
Avonlea (17 haiku)
Blocked by Clouds (five haiku)
Crocheting I (eight haiku)
Dew on a Rose (erotic haiku)
Expecting (pregnancy haiku)
Five Seasons (haiku)
Into Song (six haiku)
Kazooku (previously undiscovered classics by the haiku masters)
The Mended Shōji (26 haiku about a trip to Japan)
Pop Fly (baseball haiku)
Seasoning (haiku)
Separation (17 haiku)
Shichifukujin: The Seven Lucky Gods (sequence of seven tanka)
Text-ku (haiku)
The Haijin’s Tweed Coat (haiku, with a twist)
The Last Leaf (earthquake haiku)
moonrain (rain haiku)
Moving Day (pregnancy haiku)
Neighbours (just two haiku)
Postcards from France (Paris haiku)
Rainbow (colour haiku)
Sleeping Over (erotic haiku)
Thornewood Poems (hiking haiku)
Treadmill (Y2K haiku)
Valtec (science fiction haiku)
The Widow’s Shadow (five haiku)