Poems by Others

So many poems, so little time! Hey, that would make a great T-shirt slogan! Here are a few favourite poems written by other poets. I have printouts of most of these poems in my poetry reading binder, and enjoy reciting them at my poetry readings, or when I’m emcee. I believe it’s always good to read poems by other poets whenever I give a reading, and these are among the poems I like to share the most. You can also read selections of my own haiku and senryu as well as longer poems. Enjoy! 

Selected Favourite Poems

Adam’s Curse   W. B. Yeats
Anagrammer — Peter Pereira
Ars Poetica [excerpt] — George Amabile
Blackberry Eating  Galway Kinnell
Blandeur — Kay Ryan
The Book of Questions III — Pablo Neruda
Choices — Tess Gallagher
Content — David Ignatow
Cradle — Roberto Ascalon
Digging — Seamus Heaney
Dust of Snow — Robert Frost
Eating Poetry — Mark Strand
How to Be a Poet — Wendell Berry
I Could Take — Hayden Carruth
if everything happens that can’t be done — E. E. Cummings       +
if you like my poems — E. E. Cummings
Introduction to Poetry — Billy Collins
l(a — E. E. Cummings
Leah bribed Jacob  Samuel Menashe
let's start a magazine — E. E. Cummings (see the origin of this website’s name)
The Longest Word — Peggy Barnett
Losing Private Sutherland — Jerry Kilbride (haibun)
Love Poem — Curtis Dunlap
Maybe Love Is More Like an Onion — Lana Hechtman Ayers
Mindful — Mary Oliver
Nantucket — William Carlos Williams
The New Poetry Handbook — Mark Strand
New Season — Wendy Cope
One Does Not Write — Naomi Beth Wakan
On the Fishing Fly — Thomas Lynch (haibun)
Poetics — A. R. Ammons
Poetry — Marianne Moore
Poetry Reading — Anna Swir
Purple — Alexis Rotella
Silence — William Carlos Williams
Sound and Sense  Alexander Pope
A Story About the Body — Robert Hass
The Summer Day — Mary Oliver
Thank You for Saying Thank You — Charles Bernstein
That Brat — Anna Swir
The Peace of Wild Things — Wendell Berry
The Real Work — Wendell Berry 
Wayfarer’s Night Song — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Welcome Morning — Anne Sexton
Why I Am Happy — William Stafford
Young Poets  Nicanor Parra

Selected Poems About Haiku

33 Translations of One Bashō — Chad Sweeney
A Doing Nothing Poem — Robert Bly
After Bashō — Margaret Dornaus     +
Amorphous Me — Naomi Beth Wakan
And the Gauchos Sing — Mike Puican
As the Poems Go — Charles Bukowski
Banteay Srei — Terry Ann Carter
The Bashō Story — Cid Corman
Bashō (1986) — David Young
Bashō (2013) — David Young
Bashō, Glimpsed — Mike White
Brevity — Judith Wright
Changing Genres — Dean Young
Conversation with Bashō — Peggy Heinrich
Distressed Haiku — Donald Hall
Figures — John Elsberg and Eric Greinke
5 & 7 & 5 — Anselm Hollo
Flowers on the Roof of Hell — Michael Dylan Welch (okay, this is one of my own, but it fits here)
Frightening Things — David Mura
Frogments — Gary Barwin and derek beaulieu
Fun-ku — Seren Fargo
Great and Small — Milan Djordjevic
Haiku — Elizabeth Kirschner
Haiku — Ron Padgett
Haiku — James Shea
The Haiku Chicken  Richard Tice
Haiku Corner: On Charlie Rose — 
Garrison Keillor
The Haiku for Me Is — Sonia Sanchez
The Haiku Master — Elizabeth Spires
How to Write a Haiku — Naomi Beth Wakan
I found a geophysicist — Christopher Arigo
Impossible to Tell — Robert Pinsky
In Haiku — R. D. Armstrong
Issa on the Pequod  Ron Starr
It Is Not Much — Frank Ankenbrand, Jr.
Japan — Billy Collins
Knock, Knock — Attributed
Ku Contemplator — Terri L. French and Raymond French
Limerick — Alfred H. Marks
Limerick — Anonymous (not really about haiku, but it makes me think of haiku)
Limerick — Michael Dylan Welch (one of my own)
Limericku — Anonymous
A Long Haiku — Rob Shore
Luther’s Narrow Road  Ron Starr
Mizu No Oto — Bill Knott
More Than a Moment Ago — John Bigler Crow
Naming Haiku — Michael Dylan Welch (okay, another one of my own)
Nammu, Nammu — Hiroaki Sato
Near Miss Haiku — Anselm Hollo
not an ode to haiku  Marlene Mountain
Old Pond  Alfred H. Marks
Old Pond  Allen Ginsberg
The Only Problem with Haiku  Roger McGough
On Reading Diane Ackerman — Naomi Beth Wakan
On Reading Issa Each Morning — Naomi Beth Wakan
Ordinary Lives  William Martin (translator)
Orfordville — Lisa Fishman
An Organised Life — Naomi Beth Wakan
Palindrome Haiku — Alice Lam
Poem to Be Entitled Five Haiku — William J. Higginson
Praying  Mary Oliver
The Problem with Haiku — Michael S. Glaser
Processing the News — Naomi Beth Wakan
The Problem with Haiku — Michael S. Glaser
[Rain that Imitates Anne Waldman] — John Burgess [poem starts at 6:00-minute mark in video]
Samurai Angels — Judyth Hill
Seven Tanka on Haiku — Naomi Beth Wakan
Sex After 70 — Naomi Beth Wakan
Something Small — David G. Lanoue
Songs to Survive the Summer [excerpt] — Robert Hass
Summer Haiku Meet — Naomi Beth Wakan
Sylvan Pool — Dave McFadden
To the Poet — Marianne Monaco
Three Brautigans — Richard Brautigan
Unfinished Haiku  Jessica Tremblay
[untitled] — Dave
[untitled] — M. Kei
[untitled] — Rolf Nelson
[untitled] — Nick Smith
[untitled] — Margaret Stawowy
[untitled] — John Vieira
The Uses of Tanka (really a poem about haiku) — Naomi Beth Wakan
Way of Haikai  Terry Ann Carter
What Issa Heard — David Budbill
While Reading Bashō [excerpt] — Hayden Carruth
Why Do Haiku? — Steve
With Only a Vague Outline [excerpt] — Jeff Hardin
Note: If you know of other poems about haiku, please contact Michael Dylan Welch—thanks!

For Fun

Candidate for a Pullet Surprise — Mark Eckman and Jerrold H. Zar
The English Lesson — Anonymous
English Pronunciation — G. Nolst Trenité
Miss Snooks, Poetess — Stevie Smith
Monsieur Joliat — Wilson MacDonald
My Daddy — Ogden Nash
Smart — Shel Silverstein
The Reading — Wendy Cope     +