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Interviews of Michael Dylan Welch

“In Conversation” radio interview — Sheila Bender (broadcast on KPTZ radio in Port Townsend, Washington on 20 and 22 September 2016)
Haiku Hoopla — Leena Prasad
An Interview for Haiku Ireland — by Gilles Fabre
An Interview Email — by Alyson Ludek
Approaching Infinity — by Robert Wilson
Breathe fresh air into your haiku — by Glenn L. Marcum, Poet’s Market 
Featured Poet [a short autobiographical sketch and six poems]
Interview with Michael Dylan Welch — by Raquel D. Bailey
Three Questions — by Curtis Dunlap
Poet Showcase — by Cara Holman
Wining, Dining, Haiku — by Katie Daubs, Ottawa Citizen
A Chat about Tanka — by A. C. Missias
Meet the Prompters  on my NaHaiWriMo site

Interviews by Michael Dylan Welch

Enduring Imagist: An Interview with Janet Lewis (1899–1998)
        — by Catherine J. Kordich and Michael Dylan Welch

Essays and Commentary About Michael Dylan Welch

14 or 15 Combs — William J. Higginson
An Appreciation — Laurie W. Stoelting
Home for Christmas — Emiko Miyashita (in Japanese, on Haiku International Association website; see English)
Issa Explored — Donna Fuchsluger
Nine Words — Tracy Koretsky
Poetry That Heals — by Naomi Beth Wakan (commentary on eight poems)
Teeth Marks — by Charlotte Digregorio
Toll Booth Lit for Christmas — by Karen Sohne and Bill Pauly
Michael Dylan Welch’s Haiku — by Molly McLinden
Michael Dylan Welch’s Haiku — by Tammy Wright
Haiku Revisited — Robert Lee Brewer
Most of the preceding critical essays are from the Global Haiku Traditions program at Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois. The university maintains a “Haiku Writer Profile” about Michael Dylan Welch.