One Dose of Doxycycline Does NOT Work

To Prevent or Cure Lyme Disease After A Tick Bite!

And It Can Negatively Affect Future Lyme Test Results!

Enfermedad De Lyme

Maladie de Lyme

List of Tick Borne Diseases- Symptoms, Tests & Treatment

50 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Free & Reduced Price Medications & Supplements

Blood & Organ Donors- Important Information

Over 400 Articles Linking Endocarditis To Tick Borne Diseases

How to Properly Remove a Tick

What Kind of Tick Bit Me?

Reasons NOT To Test Ticks

List of Prevention Related Products

Galaxy Lab Tests For 47 Species of Disease Causing Organisms

New Lab Tests All Pathogens In One Test

Rash Photos

What Tests Do I Order?

Babesiosis As The Cause of False-Positive HIV Test

Help For You!

Dr. Jones Kids- Children's Issues

Dr. Richard Horowitz- Video- 2017 Lyme Conference

How To Kill Ticks On Your Clothes

Definition of Chronic Lyme Disease

List of Misdiagnoses With Documentation

Herx, Herxing, Ouch! What Is A Herx & How Do You Make It Feel Better?

Pets & Animal Issues

ALS & Lyme Disease Connection

Mental Health Issues

Hormones and Chronic Disease

Antibiotic Therapy

The Spoon Theory

How to Make the Most of Your LLMD Office Visit

Is Lyme The Next AIDS?

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