Reduce Your Exposure to Ticks

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Basic Tips

Wear light-colored clothing to be able to spot ticks more easily.

Shower as soon as possible when returning indoors.

Scan clothes & exposed skin frequently for ticks.

Keep long hair under a hat that has been treated.

Do a full body tick check whenever possible.

Wear treated clothing designed to kill ticks.

Check children and pets for ticks daily.

Stay on cleared, well-traveled trails.

Use insect repellant when outdoors.

Avoid sitting directly on the ground.

Your Outdoor Areas

Create a Safe Zone- Build a 3 ft wide and 1-3 ft deep wood chip barrier between your yard and the woods edge. Ticks are attracted to wood chips because of the shade and moisture the chips provide. Treat the chips regularly with an insecticide to kill any ticks living in or attempting to cross the wood chip barrier. Be sure to keep pets and children out of the treated wood chip area.

Keep lawns mowed and edges trimmed short.

Clear brush, leaf litter and tall grass from around the house and along the edges of gardens and walls.

Stack woodpiles in a dry location, preferably off the ground.

Clear all excess leaf litter out of the garden in the fall.

Spray your residential "safe zone" with an insecticide in late May (nymph ticks) and September (adult ticks).

Keep a bristle brush outside to brush off your clothing when returning home.

Discourage deer and other wildlife from feeding in your yard by spraying their 'edibles' with hot pepper or garlic spray.

Keep playground equipment and play areas in sunny locations in your yard.

Do not use wood chips in play areas because the chips provide ideal living quarters for ticks.

Keep bird feeders away from the house and your "safe zone" to discourage mice and other small mammals from becoming a host to ticks.

Set traps to remove mice from the home and garage.

Be a tick borne disease advocate for your family, friends and neighbors. Share your tick prevention knowledge with others so they can help protect themselves.

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