To determine the uncertainty of a measurement "by hand":

To make Logger Pro calculate your uncertainty or "standard error":

For more information:

See attached document (below) for a more complete discussion of uncertainty. For paradigm lab reports, a mention of the range of differences from the average value is sufficient. Vernier Software & Technology makes most of the computer-based lab equipment we use.  They have this to say about the uncertainty of their measurement tools.

Looks Like




 Pasco and Vernier Rotary Motion Sensors (slightly different in appearance)

Note: both have 10 mm, 29 mm, and 48 mm diameter pulleys.

 Dual-Range Force Sensor

 Motion Sensor/Motion Detector

 Gas Pressure Sensor

 Meter Stick     

 Differential Voltage Probe

 Current Probe

 Approximate range from ± 0.4 to ±0.1 s, depending on type of event

 ± 0.09 deg (minimum)

± 10 N Range: 0.01 N (minimum)

± 50 N Range: 0.05 N (minimum)

 ± 0.001 m (minimum)

 typical ±0.25% full scale (minimum)

typically  ±0.0005 m to ±0.001 m depending on measurement

 estimated +/- 0.1 V (can be improved with calibration)

 estimated 0.001 A