AP Physics C - Units 2 and 3, Models for Motion

An introduction to mathematical modeling of motion utilizing graphical, verbal, and mathematical models for motion. Applications of the derivative and the integral are introduced.

In the first part of this unit we have several goals. We need to review (and introduce to the new students) the two models for 1-dimensional motion that we studied last year: the Constant Velocity and Constant Acceleration. We will relate these models to the Calculus using the derivative and the integral. Another goal is to introduce an additional model, the constant jerk model, which is modeled with a cubic relationship on a position-time graph. There is a test at the end of this section, although the unit is not over.

In the second part of the unit, we review projectile and circular motion, including vector diagrams for both. We also begin studying relative velocity and angular acceleration, neither of which is in AP Physics B. By the way, you really ought to be reading the book, Chapters 1-4. Don't take it all at once, chapters 1 and 2 at first, then 3 and 4.

APC - Unit 2, 1-dimensional Kinematics Standards

APC - Unit 3, 2-dimensional Kinematics Standards