AP Physics C - Unit  12, Electric Potential and Capacitance

Lightning striking the Eiffel Tower - NOAA

Potential is an abstract but useful concept with many applications.  With potential we can describe how stored electric potential energy can cause changes in static electric or electric circuits.By the way, you may know potential as voltage, but physicists don't call it that.  Physicists use the terms potential or potential difference, depending on exactly how they are applying the term.  We don't talk about other physical quantities by their units, but if we did we might discuss such quantities as meterage, newtonage, secondage, and joulage.  If you get confused about what potential is, remember the words "electric potential energy per unit of charge".  They may help.The capacitor, a device that stores charge and electrical potential energy, will be studied in a subset of this unit.

Unit 12 Standards for APC