Lectures & seminars

Conference tutorials and keynote speeches:

  • Hamamatsu Workshop 2014: "Advanced applications of time-integrated and time-resolved emission for circuit testing and failure analysis"
  • ESREF Tutorial 2006: "PICA technique" 

Company seminars and training:

  • DCG Systems, Fremont, CA, USA (2013): "Recent Developments in .Time-Resolved Emission Measurements"
  • Schlumberger, San Jose, CA, USA (2002): "Hot-carrier luminescence single-photon detection for IC testing"
  • STMicroelectronics R&D, Agrate Brianza, Italy (2000): "Analog and Digital Testing of CMOS Circuits by Means of an Optical Technique"
  • STMicroelectronics R&D, Agrate Brianza, Italy (1998): "A new modular approach to the interconnection line capacitance evaluation"

University lectures:

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