Volunteer Management System

As of January 2011 St. Johns County Master Gardeners should report their hours using the online Florida Volunteer Management System (VMS) at this web address:

Because by the time we MGs get around to inputting our hours (hopefully before the end of the month to ensure Madeline can run accurate reports) - sometimes we've forgotten some of it.  Here is a log you can print out and use to keep notes on your volunteer activities, especially the demographics of the contact population.  Since our funding is directly related to the number of contacts we make during our volunteer activities, there is a table, just like the table in the VMS system for you to record this info.  If you are recording the data for a group of volunteers, use the back side of the log to note the names of all the volunteers- then you can email everyone an accurate count.

There are two logs per page so you can carry a copy without taking up too much wallet or purse space.  If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Here are two documents and a video to show you how to sign onto the system.  Each covers the same information - you choose which one you prefer to learn from.  The first link will open a document in Word format and the second will open the same document in Adobe PDF format.  The third link opens the video.

Once you understand how to log on to the system you can start recording your hours.  Every volunteer activity logged into the system has to be referenced under a project.   Here is a list of VMS Projects - find the right one and log your hours under that project.

If you have questions, contact Madeline Samec or Keith Fuller at the St. Johns County Ag Center, phone (904) 209-0430.

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