All Things Amazing

Yes, the title is slightly "ambitious" but "All Things Bright and Beautiful" was taken.  I hope you enjoy the amazing things listed here, and feel free to submit more:

  • The Beauty of Pollinators - Timed release movie of the lives of birds, bees, and butterflies that pollinate our plants.  We  depend upon them for our sustinance and this 4-minute video is a feast for the eyes.   The video is one of many items offered by
    • - a special website with educational videos and talks, all pro bono, AND a Creative Commons 3.0 liberal-use policy.  Topis range far beyond gardening. 

  • Creative Commons - As the author of a creative work you have LOTS of ways to stipulate how that work is used, thanks to Lawrence Lessig, founder of Creative Commons.  Share-and-share-alike finally has legal clout.  Sometimes creators just want recognition/credit for a  work, not money, and sometimes they even want others to make use of the work (not plagiarize, but use it in creative ways to extend the culture).  YOU can use a Creative Commons license for your work FOR FREE.  Isn't it nice to be in control?