Spa Holidays

Spa Holidays in Finland (spas and spa hotels)

Ametist Spa

-location: 38 km from Luosto, Lapland

-special: a smoke sauna in the wilderness (on request)



-location: 25 km from Mikkeli

-special: Extreme Cold -110 degrees Celsius treatment



-location: Nurmes



(Photo: JariJK)

-location: Turku (quite good connections from Helsinki)

-one of the best spa hotels in Finland, many swimming pools with massaging showers and waterfalls, three waterslides (25, 80 and 117 meters long) for adults and children over 9 years, very good kid's pool (32 cm deep, +35 degrees warm water, a small waterslide for small children), also the outdoor section (adults' pool, cold water pool, small children's pool)

-special: the biggest (5000 litres water tank) seawater aquarium in private ownership in Scandinavia and Posankka



-location: Savonlinna

-in the heart of the town, in a lake scenery on islands close to Savonlinna marketplace


Cumulus Resort Aulanko (former Rantasipi Aulanko)

-location: Hämeenlinna

-880 m2 pool department: massage pools, whirlpool, cold pool (+4 C), warm pool (+37 C), small outdoor pool (+26 C also in the winter), children's pool, waterslide (20 m, both for adults and kids over 3 years), fitness pool (25 m)

- and

Cumulus Resort Eden (former Rantasipi Eden)

-location: Nokia, 15 km from Tampere

-one of the best family resorts in Finland, the most popular family spa destination in Europe, recommended for families with children of all ages, tropical pool section over 800 square meters, waterslides, wavepool, whirlpools (jacuzzis), flowing river, outdoor pool


Cumulus Resort Laajavuori (former Rantasipi Laajavuori)

(Photo: JariJK)

-location: Jyväskylä

-the spa department with good pools (hot tubs, warm lagoon, lap pool, cold pool, nice children's pool, massage jets) and very good saunas

-special: the panorama spa with a very beautiful view to Finnish nature, also a beautiful scenery from large Panorama rooms

- and

Cumulus Resort Imatran Valtionhotelli (Rantasipi Imatran Valtionhotelli, The Grand Hotel Cascade, The State Hotel)

-location: in the city centre of Imatra, quite near to the city of Lappeenranta

-special: the Spa Hotel (opened in 2009, 49 superior rooms, 31 standard rooms, 3 mini-suites), the old historical Castle Hotel (opened in 1903, repared in 2005, 54 superior rooms in Art Nouveau style, 4 mini-suites, 3 suites and gorgeous tower suite), therapies (rock massages etc.)

-the hotel is next to the Imatra Rapids, which are allowed to run free at set times

-the quite small but stylish and peaceful spa, 200 m2 pool department: swimming pool, two whirlpools (jacuzzis), warm rock beds, three different saunas (Oriental sauna, Steam sauna, Lavender sauna) for women, Castle sauna (Finnish sauna) for men

-the current Imatran Valtionhotelli opened in 1903 as the Grand Hotel Cascade; it was the favoured getaway for the nobility from St. Petersburg and the Finnish aristocracy; also Czar Nicholas II of Russia enjoyed staying there


Flamingo Spa Resort

-location: Shopping Centre Jumbo-Flamingo, Vantaa, near the city of Helsinki

-the water park's trump cards are the largest and the fastest water slides in the Nordic countries (Magic Maya 152 meters, age limit 8 years; Maya Kamikaza 43 meters, G-force 3.5!, age limit 15 years), which launch riders from the summit of the Mayan temple, other impressive water features are Wild River (slide with wild flowing water, 63 meters, age limit 10 years), Familia waterslide (22 meters, age limit 6 years without adult supervision), surging geysers (a pool equipped with water sofas, a geyser surges warm water at regular intervals, depth 0.95 meters, water temperature 32 degrees), jacuzzi (depth 0.95 meters, water temperature 43 degrees), attraction pool (the biggest pool with relaxing and muscle caressing effects of water and air massage points, depth 0-1.3 meters, water temperature 32 degrees), streampool (channel-like pool that flows like a jungle river, depth 1.3 meters, water temperature 32 degrees), diving pool (diving towers 3 and 5 meters) and pool for watersports (ball games, depth 1.3 meters, water temperature 32 degrees), a very good pool with small slides also for babies and small kids (water toys, depth 0-0.3 meters, water temperature 32 degrees)

-special: the Spa and Wellness department for romantic moments (only for adults, age limit 20 years) with its ancient Mesopotamian milieu is comprised of six themed saunas (two different steambaths, Finnish sauna, Biosauna, Stone sauna, Spruce Wood sauna; these saunas are mixed for women and men; swimming suits or towels are used in saunas), heated soaking and saltwater pools (mineral water pool) and indulgent treatments, all in a mystical atmosphere with a concept developed by world-famous Paul Haslauer

-the indoor playground Naurusaari for children (extra charge)

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-location: Siilinjärvi

-accommodation in Hotel Sandels,


Haikko Manor

-location: 6 km from Porvoo

-special: luxurious surroundings, Japanese treatments (Shindo)


Hangon Merikylpylä - Hanko Seaside Spa

-location: Hanko

-special: the newest spa in Finland (opened in 2017), situated in the same park with Boutique Hotel Regatta


Holiday Club Resorts

-location: Vuokatti, Kuusamo, Salla, Saariselkä, Tampere, Lappeenranta (Saimaa)

-high-quality spa hotels, recommended also for families with small children

- and

Härmä Sports & Spa Hotel (also called as Härmä Spa, Härmän kylpylä and Härmän kuntokeskus)

(Photo: JariJK)

-location: Ylihärmä, Kauhava

-situated on a highway only a bit over 10 kilometers from Powerpark Amusement Park

-a swimming pool department (swimming pool 25 meters, activity pool 16 meters, lagoon pool with bubbles, massaging showers and a jacuzzi, indoor sandy beach and two pools for small children) but rooms are not as good (especially many toilets and showers are old and out of date)

- and and

Ikaalinen Spa

-location: 7 km from Ikaalinen

-tropical pool section 2000 square meters, hot tubs, waterslide, outdoor pool, 3 saunas

-Ikaalinen has long traditions, the first spa was established there in 1884; nowadays Ikaalinen is the leading Wellness centre and conference hotel in the Nordic countries


Imatra Spa

-location: 7 km from Imatra

-very beautiful fantasy spa named "Magical Forest", many very good pools (swimming pools, small waterslide, kids' pool with a very small waterslide, whirlpool/jacuzzi, Yorokobi hot pool, massaging showers), traditional Finnish saunas, steam rooms, the newer hotel wing named Promenade Hotel has good family rooms

-accommodation possibilities also in Holiday Village Saimaa Life, see for more details


Joensuun Kuntohovi

-location: Joensuu


Järvisydän Hotel & Spa Resort

-location: Lake Saimaa, Porosalmi, between the cities of Savonlinna and Varkaus

-special: "The spa is built in the middle of the natural rocks and the large windows are overlooking Lake Saimaa. In the middle of the spa you can find the heart of the lake - a natural pond with the shape of the heart. The building itself will be hidden under the forest terrain, which amplifies Järvisydän’s original atmosphere. Natural materials are used for Lake Spa’s genuine and exciting experience. Rugged rock walls, natural stone tiles, pools with the natural rock bottoms and the twinkling lights will bring the ancient time to the present day."


Kaisankoti Manor

-location: 25 km from Helsinki


Kalajoki Resort (SaniFani Spa & Sani Spa Hotel)

(Photo: JariJK)

-location: 10 km from Kalajoki

-SaniFani Spa with indoor swimming pools (jumping and swimming pool 25 meters, water slide 36 meters, cold pool +8 degrees Celsius, whirlpools +32 degrees Celsius, air temperature +30 degrees Celsius) and saunas (separated Finnish saunas for men and women, mixed Turkish steam room)

-special: extremely beautiful sandy beach surroundings (Kalajoki drift sands and sand dunes), outdoor JukuPark water park (extra charge)


Kasnäs Archipelago Spa

(Photo: JariJK)

-location: the village of Kasnäs in the municipality of Kimitoön (Kemiönsaari)

-special: a very beautiful location in the archipelago Hitis (Hiittisten saaristo), Archipelago Sights Route cruise Kasnäs - Rosala Viking Centre - Bengtskär Lighthouse - Kasnäs

-, and


-location: Vuokatti



-location: Lappajärvi


Koli Relax Spa

-location: Koli

-special: the national scenery of Finland, good hiking trails

- and


-location: Punkaharju

-nostalgic Art Nouveau hotel, built in 1903, situated in the national scenery of Punkaharju, near the city of Savonlinna



-location: Kuopio

-recommended for old people and disabled people (with a wheelchair), suitable also for families with small children, a peaceful accommodation



-location: Varkaus, close to national roads 5 and 23

-beautifully located on the shore of the Saimaa boating lane; Kuntoranta offers first-rate accommodation ranging from a spa hotel to a four-star camping site; waterslide 26 meters; Chinese therapies, beauty and wellness sevices; children will love the play land Puuha-Areena offering bouncy castles, a slide and console & board games


Kuusamon Tropiikki

-location: Kuusamo, Lapland


Lappeenrannan Kylpylä (Lappeenranta Spa)

-location: in the city centre of Lappeenranta, on the shore of Lake Saimaa

-a small rehabilitation spa

- and and

Lempäälä Health Spa

-location: Lempäälä (25 kilometers from the city centre of Tampere)

-special: the spa with traditional natural methods has been run by the same family (the 4th generation) since it's start in 1926

-N.B. There aren't any swimming pools in this spa hotel!

- and and


-location: Levi, Lapland


Långvik Spa Tanskarla

-location: Tanskarlantie 9, Kirkkonummi (25 minutes from the city centre of Helsinki)

-special: Extreme Cold -110 degrees Celsius treatment, salt treatments

-the new and stylish but quite small spa in the peaceful surroundings, many rooms have a seaview

- and

Mesikämmen (former Scandic Mesikammen)

(Photo: JariJK)

-location: 7 km from Ähtäri, in the neighbour of Ähtäri animal park (zoo)

-special: highly recommended, extremely beautiful surroundings on the shore of a lake, lake view from rooms, built partly in the Finnish primary rock, the hotel was designed by same architects (Timo and Tuomo Suomalainen) as the world famous Rock Church (Temppeliaukio Church) in Helsinki

-the swimming pool department is open only in the morning and some hours in the afternoon, the use of swimming pool department is included in the room price only in the morning

- and

Naantali Spa

-location: Naantali (quite good connections from Helsinki)

-special: the most splendid spa in Scandinavia, recommended for weddings, honeymoons and other celebrations, also special Moomin Story rooms in Suite Hotel

-pools are not suitable for small kids (deep pools), no waterslides

- and and

-accommodation also in Naantali Residence or cheap accommodation in Naantali Family Hostel

Oulun Eden

-location: Oulu

-indoor waterpark: tropical lagoon (waves once an hour), two waterslides, whirlpools (jacuzzis), flowing river, outdoor pool, Finnish sauna, steam rooms

-special: the spa hotel is situated on the very beautiful sandy beach of the Gulf of Bothnia, the beach is very good also for children (shallow water), many activities, very beautiful scenery from the restaurant of the hotel

- and


-location: Puhos, near Kitee and 70 kilometers from Joensuu

-the waterpark department (waterslides for small children), no spa treatments

-special: next to the small Kitee Zoo


Peurunka Wellnes Tourist Center

-location: Laukaa, 20 minutes from the city of Jyväskylä

-recommended also for disabled people (with a wheelchair), suitable also for families with small children, very good possibilities for sport activities, a peaceful accommodation

-special: the space themed spa with the longest (130 meters) traditional waterslide in Scandinavia!

- ,

Punkaharjun Kuntoutuskeskus

-location: Punkaharju (near Savonlinna)



-location: Karjalohja



-location: 5 km from Kuopio

-swimming pool, hot pool (+36 degrees Celsius), cold pool (+7 degrees Celsius), whirlpools (jacuzzis), waterslide (23 meters), massaging showers, pools for babies, warm outdoor pool (+32 degrees Celsius), Finnish sauna, steam room

-recommended also for children

- and

Rokua Fitness Centre & Spahotel

-location: 20 km from Utajärvi, 80 km from Oulu

- and

Ruissalo Spa

-location: 10 km from Turku


Runni Spa

-location: 23 km from Iisalmi

- and

Saariselkä Spa Hotel

-location: Saariselkä Ski Resort (30 km from Ivalo Airport), Lapland

-special: the most northern spa in the world


Saimaa Gardens Spa Hotel (Holiday Club Saimaa)

(Photo: JariJK)

-location: Rauha (Joutseno), near the city centres of Lappeenranta (35 km) and Imatra (7 km)

-Cirque de Saimaa Spa: pools, game pools (basketball), dining platforms, slides, fountains, Finnish saunas, smoke sauna

-special: one of the largest and best spas in Finland, the longest indoor waterslide in Europe, the musical water fountain (shows in every 30 minutes), the newest spa in Finland, the largest wellness centre in the Nordic Countries, the very special Arctic Ice Arena, the Sauna World (main sauna, log sauna, salt sauna, steam room, relaxing room)

-the spa and spa hotel were opened in December 2011, the 18-hole golf course was opened in 2012

-Atreenalin Climbing Park open round the year

- and,,, (photos)

Salla Spa

-location: Salla, Lapland



-location: Espoo, near the city of Helsinki

-special: the largest indoor water amusement park in Europe, no traditional spa treatments, in the winter also skiing and ice cross downhill skating (ICDH,

- and

-accommodation in Serena Villas or in Hotel Korpilampi (400 meters from Serena, also the Garra rufa spa)

Siuntio Spa

-location: 52 km from Helsinki


Spa Hotel Hamina

-location: in the city centre of Hamina


Spa Hotel Sveitsi

-location: in Hyvinkää, 45 minutes from Helsinki



-location: 8 km from Saarijärvi


Tahko Spa

-location: near Nilsiä and Kuopio

-the new and very modern spa

- and

Tampereen Kylpylä (Tampere Spa)

-location: Tampere



-location: Vaasa

-good indoor water amusement park 1100 square meters (waterslide, hot tubs, tropical lagoon), warm outdoor pool, outdoor water park, 5 saunas



-location: Leppävirta, between Kuopio and Varkaus

-very spacious but worn rooms for families (3-5 persons)

-a small waterslide for young kids, also a bigger waterslide (32 meters) for children over 7 years (younger kids only with adults)

-special: the world's largest underground cross-country skiing arena (cross-country skiing track 1.2 kilometers round the year - also in the summer, Kymppi Arena track for snow activities in a Finnish primary rock 30 meters below the spa, the complex is made up of the arena part and a tunnel part, also room for kicksleds and other winter activities), the nearby (15 km) Orinoro Gorge (one of the Seven Savonian Marvels, an exciting hiking and outing destination for the whole family on the Soisalo island in Mustinmäki, walk the marked nature path into a deep gorge carved out by the last Ice Age, the Orinoro Gorge is 100 meters long and nearby 20 meters deep) is worth visiting

- and

Ylläs Saaga

-location: Ylläs, Lapland


Yyteri Spa

-location: 18 km from Pori

-the oldish and old-styled hotel (not very recommended) but very beautiful surroundings, a very small pool for kids, one of the best beaches in Finland

- and

See also, please.

TIP: Travel to Kuopio and test five different and very good spa hotels in Kuopio region: Fontanella, Kunnonpaikka, Rauhalahti, Tahko Spa and Vesileppis!