Lighthouses for tourists

Bengtskär Lighthouse (Photo: JariJK)

Bengtskär Lighthouse (Scandinavia's highest lighthouse, 52 meters, built in 1906, the first lighthouse museum in Finland, visitors can take a guided tour and eat lunch on the island, also a possibility for overnight stayings in the old home of the lighthouse keeper, admission fees go to the restoration of the island):

(History and pictures:

(Rotatable images:

(Cruises from Kasnäs Archipelago Spa to Bengtskär Lighthouse:

(Cruises from Hanko to Bengtskär Lighthouse: and

(Cruises from Turku to Bengtskär Lighthouse:

Gustafsvärn (also an old fortress):

(Cruises from Hanko to Gustafsvärn:

Isokari (also accommodation):


Kylmäpihlaja (accommodation also in the lighthouse tower, built in 1952, also a small chapel for weddings, Rauma): (webcam:

Marjaniemi (also accommodation): and

Märket: and and (N.B. Märket Island is the world's smallest sea island shared by two countries!)



Söderskär (Porvoo):

Tankar: and

Ulkokalla (on an "autonomous" rock, built in 1871, also accommodation & activities, Kalajoki):

Utö (the island is the home of a population of large toads, the boat sails to Utö from Pärnäs in the municipality of Nagu):

General information: and

Scandinavian islands (Stockholm archipelago, Aland islands, Turku archipelago): and and

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